See 100 Years of Wedding Gowns in Three Minutes

Check out the surprisingly beautiful styles brides have worn over the last century!

See 100 Years of Wedding Gowns in Three Minutes

Photo: Veronica Varos Photography

If you were getting married 100 years ago, what would your dress have looked like?

Video production company Mode posted a video Wednesday depicting the top wedding gown trends from 1915 to 2015. One model is dressed in a gown from each decade, showing how dramatically wedding dresses have evolved over the last 100 years. And yet, each style is beautiful in its own way, from the high-necked frock of 1915, to the tea-length lace dress of 1955, to the bohemian-inspired A-line gown of today.

What hasn't changed: the elegant white color, feminine style, fun floral accessories, and a sense of dreamy romance.  

Weddings are the perfect time to pay homage to the past, and wearing a vintage-inspired gown is a fun way to acknowledge the style of brides who have come before you. Watch the video above to get your creative juices flowing, and discover what you need to know when looking for a beautiful vintage gown, or simply give your modern-day look a vintage twist.

To see what your favorite celebrities have worn at their weddings, check out this hand-drawn chart of 100 iconic gowns from the last 70 years. You won't believe the shocking styles some of these ladies chose!