See Sleek Bridal Dresses, Separates, and Accessories from THEIA

THEIA shares rarely seen gowns, capelets, and separates for the modern bride.

See Sleek Bridal Dresses, Separates, and Accessories from THEIA

Photo: Courtesy of THEIA

Many modern brides are all about what’s trendy in the world of weddings. Forging the classic image of the princess-like ball gown, these women seek a more contemporary style for their special day. Design house THEIA creates ensembles that will make these brides-to-be swoon, including those that desire a two-piece outfit for their trip down the aisle. See pictures in the slideshow above of rarely seen THEIA gowns and separates, as well as two sparking accessories for bold brides.

The slideshow includes dresses such as “Amanda,” a chic sheath gown with an embellished bodice and a sweetheart neckline, and “Aurora,” a frock with tulle frill details around the deep V-neckline. The collection also features stylish bridal cuffs that are sure to add a dramatic flair to any classic ensemble. See these designs and more above. 

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