Watch a Groom Surprise His Bride with a Puppy at Their Wedding

This sweet wedding present caused the best reaction!

Watch a Groom Surprise His Bride with a Puppy at Their Wedding

Photo: Style & Story Creative

When Minnesota bride Jenna Jarvi was planning her wedding, her groom Jeff Althoff had a plan of his own. Jenna is a big dog lover, but the couple had yet to take the plunge of raising a dog of their own. However, Jeff spent over a year preparing the perfect wedding present for his beloved: a British Labrador puppy. “Jenna has been nothing but amazing to me and deserved her dream gift,” the groom shares. 

The morning of their nuptials, Jeff informed his groomsmen and Jenna’s bridesmaids of his planned reveal at the reception. After a beautiful ceremony, it was time for the customary groom’s toast during the reception. He asked his bride to join him in front of the head table and reflected on the day being the best they’ve had as a family of two. That’s when he revealed they will now be a family of three, and a friend brought the puppy out to greet Jenna.

See her priceless reaction, as well as highlights of the wedding, in the video below. Spoiler alert: she was thrilled! The dog is now called Bear and “she has been so in love,” Jeff reveals.

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