Should You Wear a Veil on Your Wedding Day?

Discover if this traditional bridal accoutrement is right for you.

Should You Wear a Veil on Your Wedding Day?

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

Before you began planning a wedding, you likely did not know just how many styles of bridal veils existed: dramatic cathedral, vintage caged, romantic shoulder length, and beyond. But for some brides, the question isn’t “What veil should I wear?” It's more like, “Is wearing a veil right for my wedding?”

To help you decide if this wedding custom is right for your style, we’ve done some research on what brides are saying in regards to their experiences, and here is what we’ve determined:

WEAR a veil if:

-  You want to stay true to traditional bridal roots.
-  You have attendants (bridesmaids, a hairstylist, etc.) who are willing and capable to put it on and adjust it as needed.
-  Your wedding is mostly inside (wind, heat, and humidity can do a number on this whimsical fabric).
-  You want your “big reveal” to your beloved to occur at the altar.
-  You want to accessorize your gown – perhaps if it’s devoid of many embellishments or detailing.
-  You’re willing to learn how to care for it properly.
-  You are averse to other hair accessories on your big day – headbands, hairpins, etc.

DON’T WEAR a veil if:

-  You want your ensemble to remain consistent throughout the day – you’ll likely have to remove your veil during the reception.
-  You want to buck tradition and go down an alternative route with your day-of hairstyle.
-  You’re getting married on the water or at a location with high winds.
-  Your dress is opulent, busy, or has a lovely back, and a veil will take away from (or cover up) the drama of your gown.
-  You’re a major worrier – veils tear easily and you don’t want your mind preoccupied when you’re tying the knot!

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Opening photo by Carrie Rodman Photography