The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

Discover the benefits and downsides of a higher hemline.

If you’re considering raising your hemline for your wedding, these pros and cons might help you make your decision.

Photo: Jamie Levine Photography

When people picture a wedding dress, they usually imagine a long gown in a shade of white. In recent years, more brides have strayed from tradition by choosing dresses in soft blush or pale blue hues. Long gowns, however, still tend to reign supreme in this modern age – outside of elopements and after-parties – despite the fact that tea-length dresses and shorter frocks were fairly popular in the 1950s and ‘60s. That said, trends are always changing and brides have plenty of reasons to choose a shorter dress for the big day. If you’re considering raising your hemline for your wedding, the below pros and cons might help you make your decision. 


- Easier for dancing. Without a train or hemline to trip over, you can bust a move on the dance floor with ease. In fact, your mobility in general will be simplified, from walking down the aisle to taking portraits. 

- Show off your shoes. If you’ve always related to Carrie Bradshaw, you might be more concerned about your wedding shoes than your dress. A shorter ensemble will allow your designer heels of choice to be showcased in all their glory. 

- Won’t overheat. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding – or even a heat wave in the spring or fall – a traditional bridal gown can feel really heavy and uncomfortable. 


- Fewer bridal options. There are some high-end bridal designers who make shorter styles, but there are definitely not as many options.

- Feel less formal. Even the most expensive frock will still not look as formal as a floor-length gown, so it might not be the best choice if you are having a black-tie affair. There may even end up being guests who look more dressed up than you.

- Might bother relatives. If your family and/or social circle are very traditional, your choice of a short dress may be looked down upon. It’s up to you if that’s an important factor. 

Of course, you can also always compromise and have a more traditionally classic bridal gown for the ceremony and change into a short dress for the reception. 

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