Ultra-Feminine Dresses from Francesca Miranda Spring 2018

Celebrate your girly side with bridal gowns from Francesca Miranda's newest collection.

Ultra-Feminine Dresses from Francesca Miranda Spring 2018

Photo: Dan Lecca

Described as “unapologetically girly” by designer Francesca Miranda, her new Spring 2018 collection of bridal gowns plays up the feminine attributes of each ensemble. Premiering at New York City Bridal Fashion Week, the entire collection is inspired by pink: “not just the color, but also what the color represents – romance, individuality, and femininity,” says Francesca. The 17 new gowns include a wide range of fabrics and accents to entice any bride-to-be as she searches for “the dress” for her wedding day. 

Women will find a variety of silhouettes to satisfy their specifications. The collection includes dresses such as “Annabelle,” a strapless tea-length gown with a metallic finish for the mod-style bride, “Juliette,” a long-sleeved A-line ensemble featuring face and organza for the romantic, and “Georgette,” a blush midi dress with hand-embroidered flowers for the woman that wants to be a little bit offbeat. You can see these designs and more in the slideshow above!

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