What Heel Height Is Right for Your Wedding Day?

Not everybody wants to don sky-high shoes on the big day!

What Heel Height Is Right for Your Wedding Day?

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

how to choose the right heel height for your wedding

For many women, dressing up requires a great pair of heels, and the same holds true for their wedding day. Of course, many others prefer the comfort of a pair of flats. Since it is important to know the height of your shoes before getting your dress hemmed, this is not a decision you should put off until the last minute.

In addition to style and comfort, one factor in choosing the height of your heels might be your future spouse. Though some couples do not mind – or the height differential is so drastic shoes will not make a difference – some brides do not want to appear taller than their beloved. That is purely a personal preference that may or may not affect your choice. Ideally, you should select a height that you are used to, but we understand some brides want to branch out. Just be sure to break them in!

Below are common heel heights. See which range works best for you!

1-2 Inches
This is a good choice if you’re not super confident walking in high heels, but you want a bit of a lift. Consider a kitten heel for delicate femininity or a block heel for the ultimate in balance and security.

3-4 Inches
Arguably what most people picture when it comes to a pair of heels, this height is a good, safe choice for brides who are no stranger to a pair of pumps. If you wear heels to work or regularly survive in such shoes as a wedding guest, these will probably work just fine on the big day. 

5-6 Inches
These are only recommended if you regularly wear heels of this height. They look great, but the extreme angle they cause are not for novices. For shorter brides who really want to add a lot of height on their wedding day, consider a platform to lessen the pressure. 

For more advice, get tips from a bridal stylist on finding the perfect shoe and see examples of comfortable sandals for your wedding day. 

Opening photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events; Venue: Casa Del Mar

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