What You Need to Pack for Your International Honeymoon

A checklist that includes the important prep work you need to do before you jet off!

What You Need to Pack for Your International Honeymoon

Photo: Simone & Martin Photography

Preparation, preparation, preparation. We know: that isn’t the phrase. But when you’re planning a wedding, shouldn’t it be? This is especially true when it comes to packing for your international honeymoon. Whether you’re jetting off right after your reception or you’re taking a week – or a few – to get your affairs in order, you need to be entirely ready prior to setting foot on the plane.

While your clothing and accessories are dependent on your destination, we want to ensure you don’t leave anything important behind. Here is a nifty checklist for all the items you might have forgotten:


-  Plane/ship tickets or a confirmation.

-  Traveler’s checks. Before you acquire them, do your research on your destination: traveler’s checks were created for places without ATMs, and with their increasing presence, these products are becoming largely irrelevant – and some places will no longer accept them. Find out if your honeymoon location has access to ATMs, and if so, what their policy is regarding American credit/debit cards. If you find you’ll be in need of these checks, make sure you do your research on your bank – some no longer give them out!

-  Passport/Identification. 

-  Visas. In many cases, you won’t need a visa if your honeymoon is going to last less than 90 days – though who wouldn’t want a three-month vacation? However, there are exceptions to this rule. For all of the information you’ll need regarding the requirements for your planned destination, check out this passport and visa site.

-  Credit cards. We recommend taking only those you know you’ll need – leave some at home! Remember to contact your credit card company to let them know you'll be traveling internationally.

-  Cash. Do research to determine just how much you should carry on you.

-  Confirmations for all reservations. This includes hotels, dinners, excursions, and beyond.

-  Copies of all relevant documents. Make two or three copies each.

-  Phone numbers and addresses for relevant contacts. This includes doctors, close relatives, any “sitters” you may have employed for your time away, and your credit card company/bank. Also, consider leaving friends, family, and sitters this contact information, along with the information for your hotel/resort.

-  Prescriptions.

-  Any non-prescriptions for the unexpected illness. Asprin, Ibuoprofen, motion sickness pills, etc.

-  Cell phone/camera.


-  Toothbrush/toothpaste.

-  Floss.

-  Hair brushes/combs. 

-  Deodorant. 

-  Cosmetics/make-up remover. If it's liquid, be sure to seal it in a plastic bag or leave it in your checked luggage.

-  Razors or waxing strips. 

-  Shaving cream.

-  Tampons/pads.

-  Contact lenses and solution. 

-  Hair-care basics. Spray, gel, heat-protectors, etc.

-  Curling iron/hair straightener. 

-  Blow dryer. Just in case they do not provide one at your hotel – or the one they give isn’t powerful enough. In some cases, you'll need to also purchase an outlet adapter.

-  Special shampoo/conditioner/lotion. More than likely, the hotel will provide some, but if you’re accustomed to your own brands, don’t leave them behind.


-  Nail clippers/files.

-  Tweezers.

-  Cotton swabs.

-  Sunscreen or protective lotion.

-  Insect repellent. Do your homework before you travel: you may not be dealing with the bugs you’re used to at home! Additionally, educate yourself about the Zika virus and how that could affect your post-nuptial celebration.

-  Cell phone/laptop/camera chargers. This includes memory cards and batteries for digital cameras.

-  Travel-sized medical kit. Band-Aids, creams, antacids, antibacterial wipes, stomach-related medicines, etc.

-  Umbrella or ponchos. Even if you’re off to somewhere tropical, check the weather in the days prior to your departure to gauge your fashion choices.

-  Swiss Army Knife. Remember to pack this in your checked luggage!

-  Guidebooks, translation dictionaries, and maps.

-  Adaptors for your electronics. Determine beforehand if they’re necessary and what type you’ll need.

-  Lip balm. No matter the weather!

-  Leisure books and in-flight entertainment. 

-  Backpacks/purses/bags per your style and location.

-  Hats per your style and location.

-  Instant stain-treaters. 

-  Ziplock bags. For wet clothing, protecting technology from rain or humidity, etc.

-  Tote/bag for souvenirs. It’s better to have the extra room!

Happy honeymooning!

Opening photo by lunaphoto