What to Remember for Your Alterations Appointments

Follow this advice to make sure your dress fits perfectly.

What to Remember for Your Alterations Appointments

Photo: Brandon Kidd Photography

After spending time and energy in finding the perfect wedding dress, the last thing you want is for it to not fit properly! That’s why getting alterations done is so important. Though the average person doesn’t have their everyday clothes tailored, just about every bride will have her bridal gown altered to fit her body. At a minimum, adjusting the hemline and adding a bustle is usually necessary. Depending on how much work needs to be done on the garment, this task can cost hundreds of dollars. As much as it is worth it to make a dress worth thousands fit you like a glove, it’s still important to keep in mind when you’re creating your budget.

Read on below to discover other tips you should consider once you have your bridal gown.

tips for wedding dress alterations, what you need to know for your wedding dress fitting

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography; Bridal Gown by Monique Lhuillier 

- Your first fitting should be 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Adjust this timeline if you know your schedule will be especially busy in the final weeks before the big day, as you want to make sure you have time for a final appointment.
- Do not order a size smaller because you’re expecting to lose weight. For one, you can’t guarantee it will happen, and it’s easier to make a too-large gown smaller than a too-small gown bigger. Trust your seamstress to make you look you best.
- Bring your shoes and undergarments to help make sure you have the best fit. If you haven’t decided on your bridal shoes yet, heels (or whatever style you go with) of the same height should suffice. For the final fitting, you should have your veil and any other accessories that complete your look as well.
- Have a bridesmaid or family member (or both!) come along to be your second pair of eyes. They can also learn how to do the bustle from the seamstress.
- Always speak up if something doesn’t look or feel right. It can’t be fixed if the alterations expert doesn’t know you have a problem.
- Get instructions on how to store, clean, and remove wrinkles from the gown.

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