When to Wear Your Veil on Your Wedding Day

What portion of the celebration will you have your veil on?

Though not every bride chooses to don one, the veil is still a classic piece of the wedding-day ensemble. While your bridal gown is likely the nicest dress you’ll ever wear, it’s not necessarily the only time you’ll wear a formal frock. However, outside of First Communion to those that applies to, your wedding may likely be the only time you’ll ever wear a veil. As such, there is a level of uncertainty that is not present in regards to other bridal attire such as the dress and shoes. When do you put the veil on? When do you take it off? Will removing it ruin your carefully coifed hairstyle? Find answers to these questions and more below. bridal veil FAQ, when to wear your veil on your wedding day

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Ilana Ashley Events; Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal

Naturally, you’ll want to wear your veil for the ceremony. If you’re having a “first look,” you’ll have to decide if you want the veil on during those photos. For some brides, having it on for the “first look” is important because that’s when all of the portraits will be taken. Others might choose to leave it off in order to still have a bit of a surprise for their beloved when they walk down the aisle. If you are onsite or walking distance to your location, having your hairstylist put on your veil will help guarantee its security and make sure your ‘do stays intact. However, driving could lead to a smashed and wrinkled veil in the car, so either be incredibly careful or wait until you arrive to your venue to put it on. 

Most brides, particularly those wearing cathedral or chapel veils, choose to remove it for the reception, or at least after the first dance. Shorter veils certainly can stay on through the party, but taking the veil off also gives you a chance to switch up your look if you so desire. The most important thing – unless you are completely redoing your hair for the reception – is to carefully remove the pins and comb keeping the veil on your head, so you don’t mess up your updo. Most likely your hairstylist is long gone at this point, so you’ll need to find someone you trust to help with this task, be it the wedding planner, your mom, or a bridesmaid. Perhaps your hairstylist can even give some pointers while you get ready with your girls in the morning.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier