White Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Embrace the Trend

Coordinate with your 'maids while still standing out as a bride!

White Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Embrace the Trend

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how to embrace the bridesmaids in white dresses trend while still standing out

Though a “white wedding” is considered traditional and classic, expanding the vanilla shade beyond your décor has become a hot bridal trend, with brides frequently outfitting their closest gal pals in alabaster gowns. Naysayers of this increasingly popular choice warn that the bride won’t stand out amongst ‘maids donning the same hue, but if you follow our advice, we don’t foresee that being a problem.

The key is to make sure your wedding gown is distinct from their dresses. If you have an opulent ball gown, you can get away with your ladies wearing ensembles that look fit for a bride at a less extravagant affair. However, if your dream dress is more laid-back and rustic or bohemian, you’ll want to make sure to put your bridesmaids in frocks on the more casual side. This can be done with a simpler fabric, such as chiffon or jersey, or by selecting knee-length dresses to contrast with your gown. Making sure they wear a neckline unlike that of your gown can benefit the look as well. 

Certainly a veil or train will help differentiate you, as can accessories. Perhaps skip the flower crown if you picture all of your bridesmaids donning them as well. Instead, an elaborate headpiece will help you grab the spotlight you deserve. Another way to make sure you stand out is by not embracing another popular trend for bridesmaids: mismatched gowns. While we love this style, there are instances where it can look off when shades of white are involved. Cream and ivory don’t blend together in a gradient quite the same way alternating pink hues do, and a variety of gowns can contribute to your photos looking like a group wedding. If completely matching just isn’t for you, have your bridesmaids select styles from the same designer in the same fabric, and then order the dresses at the same time so the shades will match, even though the actual gowns will have a slightly different look.

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