Why You May Want to Rent Your Bridesmaid Dress

Discover these reasons why you should think twice before you buy!

Why You May Want to Rent Your Bridesmaid Dress

Photo: Caroline Tran

As a bridesmaid, you’re sure to have specific duties pertaining to your friend’s nuptials. More often than not, there will be parties and celebrations, dress shopping and fittings, and some assistance required on the day itself. One aspect that’s bound to get some attention is your attire – no matter the color and length that the bride selects, you’ll definitely need to acquire a dress.

Bridesmaid gowns can get expensive, and depending on the style, it may be difficult to find an occasion to wear the garb again. In some cases, it’s worth it for gals to rent their dresses as opposed to purchasing them. Startup companies such as Vow To Be Chic offer a wide array of gorgeous, name-brand gowns that are sure to stun.

Here are some of the “pros” to renting bridesmaids dresses:

-  It brings down the cost. It will come as no surprise that the main reason women decide to rent dresses instead of buy them is because it’s significantly less expensive. If you’re only going to be wearing this gown once, why spend too much money? It might be nice to have some extra cash to spend on a wedding gift or during a bachelorette weekend!

-  Mistakes are more easily fixed. Accidents happen, and when they do, it’s more convenient to work with a superb gown rental company than with a bridal salon. Additionally, because you’re ordering your rentals online, brides can make accounts with their chosen site and those accounts will keep everyone organized, ensuring all girls order the exact ensemble that they need.

-  They’ll fit on the first try. Due to the fact that rental dresses cannot be altered, most sites will deliver gowns in a variety of sizes for you to choose from in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve selected a garb that fits, send the spares back, and you’re done with the process!

-  They will be ready in a timely fashion. The modern bride and her ladies are incredibly busy, and renting takes a lot of the stress and uncertainty out of the bridesmaid dress selection because of how quickly the process can be completed. With these rental companies, gals can get gorgeous gowns that fit each body type and style in a snap.

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