Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for Every Style

Different ways to celebrate the lead-up to your big day.

To get you started in planning, here are some more wide-ranging themes that are sure to please all who attend.

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If you and your future spouse haven’t already built a home together, you may be hoping for gifts to help out. As much as people don’t like to talk about wanting presents, there’s no denying that bridal showers are a great way to bond with the women in your life and get some new home goods. These fêtes don’t always have the best reputations of being a great time, especially if cheesy games aren’t your style. One way to amp up the entertainment factor is by choosing the perfect theme. When it comes to weddings, a strict theme can be seen as tacky, but at a shower it’s a fun element for a less formal affair. For some brides, a very specific theme such as a favorite movie or TV show is the best choice – but only those closest to the guest of honor will know the answer to that! To get you started in planning, here are some more wide-ranging themes that are sure to please all who attend. 

British Tea Party
This is a classic choice for Anglophiles and those who enjoy refined gatherings. If the bride is eager for the upcoming royal wedding, a tea party may be just her style. 

Parisian Romance
It doesn’t have to be as lavish as the soirée thrown in Bridesmaids to still be a great time. “The City of Love” makes for natural inspiration when counting down the days to married life. 

Southern Barbecue
Not everyone wants a super feminine fête. A casual afternoon in the backyard with great food is still an exciting way to celebrate. 

Seasonal Showers
Lean into the time of year the party is being held. Cozy and snowy winter wonderland, fall harvest, spring flowers, summer sunshine… all of these ideas lend themselves to inspired décor as well as food and drink options. 

Game Day Celebration
Is the bride passionate about her favorite team? A faux-tailgate with ballpark snacks is a playful way to honor her fandom. If her future spouse likes a different team, the rivalry can be great fodder for a couple’s shower. 

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