Why You Should Practice Wearing Your Wedding Dress

You'll want to be used to wearing it by the time you get to the big day!

As much as you want your wedding dress to be the most beautiful article of clothing that you’ve ever worn, you also want it to be comfortable.

Photo: Melani Lust Photography

As much as you want your wedding dress to be the most beautiful article of clothing that you’ve ever worn, you also want it to be comfortable. Now, realistically, it’s unlikely that your gown will feel as cozy as pajamas, but you will want to be used to wearing it and make sure that no aspect of the dress is too painful. Think of it like comparing your favorite pair of pumps to brand-new heels – they feel better after they’ve been broken in, right? Make sure you don’t trip or have any other wardrobe malfunctions by following the below tips to help guarantee a flawless wedding-day look.

why you should practice wearing your wedding dress 
Photo by Carasco Photography; Bridal Gown by Legends Romona Keveža; Bridal Salon: Bella Bianca Bridal Couture; Floral Design by Kesh Events 

Be sure to try on the full ensemble – shoes, accessories, and everything else you'll be wearing on the day of. You may be comfortable walking in your bridal heels, and you may be comfortable walking in your dress, but trying them on at the same time is key. A necklace you planned to wear may end up getting caught on the illusion neckline, which would have bugged you all day had you not tested it beforehand. Though the wedding night may have you contemplating elaborate lingerie, it’s more important that your undergarments are comfortable and don't show through your dress. You can always change after the reception!

Being able to move in your gown is of the utmost importance, especially if you want your reception to have a party atmosphere. When your future spouse isn’t around, practice dancing around while wearing your dress. You may want to mimic the moves you’ll be making during the first dance as well. Particularly if you plan to wear a large ball gown or a tight mermaid dress, you will want to test sitting down as well. Even though it’s often said that the newlyweds don’t have a chance to eat at their own wedding, there will be times where you’ll be seated at the head or sweetheart table, so you should perfect your method of sitting down to avoid looking awkward. 

The real elephant in the room, however, is using the restroom while wearing a bridal gown. There are a variety of suggested methods out there, so we recommend trying the different options in the privacy of your own home before you have to resort to recruiting your maid of honor for assistance. 

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