15 Wedding Rings That Express a Groom's Style

Help your groom pick out the ring he'll wear forever by browsing through these examples.

No matter what the groom’s taste, there is sure to be a ring that showcases his personality. See some ideas we've gathered!

Photo: Simone & Martin Photography

Much attention is paid to the glamour and drama of the engagement ring, and it’s easy to understand why. A stunning diamond or gemstone is awfully hard to compete with, but wedding bands are just as important. Though brides typically select a band that complements their engagement ring, grooms have free reign over a design choice. For many men who otherwise don’t wear jewelry, the selection process can be daunting. Those who work with their hands may prioritize something unobtrusive over something stylish, but there are many bands that offer the best of both worlds! Other grooms might relish the opportunity to wear something a little flashier, with stones that rival a bride’s jewelry.

No matter what the groom’s taste, there is sure to be a ring that showcases his personality. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite groom’s wedding bands in a variety of styles to help narrow down the possibilities.

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No nonsense, no fuss: a classic men’s ring is a plain band in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. It has a rounded shape and no additional details, except for maybe an engraving on the inside – seen by no one. This is the low risk option: the ring may not get many compliments, but no one is going to insult it either.

classic white gold groom's wedding band with engraving
Photo by Gloria Mesa Photography

These rings are similar to classic rings, but with just a touch more substance. Maybe they feature multiple metals, or alternate between a classic and a brushed-matte finish. There’s also the hammered look, offering a hint of detailing without going overboard for a man who values simplicity.

white gold wedding band for groom
Photo by Vue Photography

hammered yellow gold wedding band
Photo by Harwell Photography

Often a popular choice for grooms who are interested in a vintage style, wedding bands with scrollwork and other details offer a unique look. 

brick patterned rose gold groom's wedding ring
Photo by KingenSmith

yellow gold wedding ring with screw details
Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

white gold wedding band with etched milgrain details
Photo by Chip Gillespie

Who says brides get to have all the fun with jewelry? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean men don’t appreciate some sparkle or color with gemstones in their wedding rings. 

white gold groom's wedding ring with vertical notches and small diamonds
Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

large white gold men's wedding ring with many diamonds
Photo by Milanés Photography

groom's wedding band with pave diamonds surrounded by white gold
Photo by KingenSmith

yellow gold groom's wedding ring with sapphire
Photo by Jen Yuson Photography

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