Deciding on a wedding venue is often a tall task for engaged couples, but for Ananda Saba and Shamir Patel, choosing a location for their fall wedding was a no-brainer. The twosome selected an opulent resort that they loved visiting throughout their courtship. In fact, it was the same property where Shamir proposed in an area he had decorated with a profusion of roses and candles.

Desiring a classic color scheme of ivory and gold for the indoor celebration, an arch of gilded branches decorated with vanilla, pale peach, and lavender flowers marked the altar. During the ceremony, the officiant read heartfelt sentiments written by the bride and groom in which they expressed the instant connection they experienced upon their first meeting and how blessed they felt to have found each other. Ananda was gorgeous in an ethereal ball gown with crystal-embellished straps and beading at the waist. Her loose curls were pinned on one side with a sparkling clip. Shamir looked handsome in an ebony tuxedo and a black-and-grey plaid tie.

For the reception, a ballroom was transformed into a dazzling space decorated with natural embellishments. Round tables were cloaked with ivory linens and topped with golden branches adorned with ivory florals and dangling strands of crystals. A white dance floor, which provided a large space for loved ones to enjoy the music and festivities, was embellished with a gilt monogram. “I’m Brazilian, so the reception was going to be a big dance party,” says Ananda with a beaming smile.

The bride and groom included elements that reflected both their individual cultures, as Shamir is Indian, in the festivities – from the menu, to the music, to the entertainment. Bollywood dancers performed during the sit-down dinner service and at the end of the night Brazilian samba dancers joined the revelry. Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, was served at a bar station throughout the evening. “It was a huge hit!” attests Ananda. In addition to the cultural libations, guests were encouraged to take a “Senhor do Bonfim” Brazilian bracelet. “You’re supposed to make three wishes when you tie it on, and once the bracelet falls off your wishes are supposed to come true,” explains the bride.

After cutting the bullion wedding cake accented with white sugar peonies, Ananda had a surprise in store for her groom and his mother. She changed into a beautifully ornate sari to reflect her new family's culture. “I wanted to incorporate something into the wedding that was meaningful to him and his family,” says the bride. Looking back, the couple agrees that the entire event truly showcased both their personalities and cultures and was a true testament to their new life together as husband and wife.