How to Know When Not to Wear Your Wedding Rings

It's understandable to want to wear it all the time, but you may be harming your ring.

Many newly engaged women find themselves never wanting to take off their rings; however, as much as you love your band, there are some situations where it is important that you do take off your ring.

Photo: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

Once you get engaged or married, it’s natural to be attached to your engagement or wedding ring. Not only is it a symbol of your everlasting love, but it’s also very pretty! Many newly affianced women find themselves never wanting to take off their rings – even when sleeping or showering. However, as much as you love your band, there are some situations where it is important that you do take off your ring. After all, you don’t want to damage or lose it, right?

Luckily, most of the times that it is better to leave the ring in the box are when you’re at home. If you are uncomfortable without a ring in public, consider getting a less-expensive band as a "stand-in" ring. That way, you still are showing the world that you are off the market, without the risk of ruining the beloved piece purchased by your beloved.

oval halo engagement ring between two eternity diamond rings, when not to wear your wedding ring
Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

Below are the situations when it’s best to remove your ring:

When putting on lotion, sunscreen, hairspray, etc. Many of these types of products can dull your diamond and even damage the setting.
Cleaning the house or washing the dishes. Once again, the chemicals can hurt your ring. This is particularly true with oven cleaner, which is also harmful to skin. With dishes, you also risk the ring sliding off – due to the soap – and going down the drain.
Swimming. Chlorine from the pool is not good for your setting or center stone, especially if you spend a lot of time doing laps. Even if your ring fits perfectly, cold water can make your fingers shrink. Thus, wearing it in the ocean or another body of water is too big of a risk.
Exercising with equipment. A jog on the treadmill is probably fine, but lifting weights or using similar products can especially hurt a pavé setting. The same goes for sports.
Gardening. This activity could be safe with reinforced gloves, but considering how rocks can scratch your band, you’re probably better off not wearing it.
Messy cooking. Simple recipes probably won’t do any damage, but anything that involves putting your hands in something sticky is going to add gunk to your ring.

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