Why Some Brides Skip the Bridal Shower

Find out why some might forgo the traditional party.

Here are just a few of the reasons some women prefer not to have a bridal shower to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

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There are a lot of different traditions out there in the world of weddings, and not every couple enjoys them all. For many brides, a bridal shower is a wonderful gathering of the women they are closest to, and perhaps even a chance to bond with those within the family she is marrying into. But for others, it is a soirée to dread.

If you are one of those brides who hates the idea of being thrown a bridal shower, we advise you to make it clear to everyone involved right away so that no one wastes time planning a party you won’t enjoy or appreciate. If one happens anyway, do your best to put on a happy face and try to have a good time. Generally, the person hosting meant well! On the other hand, if someone you love is getting married and insists they don’t want a bridal shower, you may struggle to understand their rationale.

Below are just a few of the reasons some women prefer not to have a bridal shower to celebrate their upcoming wedding. 

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- The type of fête simply isn’t her style. You can always ask if a co-ed shower or something more casual, such as a backyard barbecue, would be more the bride’s speed.
- Maybe the happy couple chose not to register and they already have all of the houseware items they need – rendering a shower irrelevant.
- If many people will be traveling for the wedding, particularly if it’s taking place at a destination, a separate event for the purpose of giving gifts may feel like asking for too much.
- Shy brides may dislike having the attention on them, which is trickier to spread out at a shower since the focus is solely on the bride and not on the couple as a whole.
- She’s simply too busy. All of her vacation time is already going to the nuptials and honeymoon, and her free time has gone to planning the wedding. Even with someone else organizing the bridal shower, the idea of attending another party may feel exhausting.

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