Bridal Shower Songs: Sweet Tunes to Play at Your Wedding Shower

These bridal shower songs make for the perfect soundtrack to your pre-wedding event.

All parties need music, but you want the soundtrack of your bridal shower to match the atmosphere of the event.

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Bridal showers usually consist of a relaxing afternoon with the bride-to-be's closest female relatives and friends. Fun, low-key bridal shower games with light snacks and hors d'oeuvres rule the day – at least until it’s time to open bridal shower gifts. It's true that all parties need music and entertainment, but you'll want the bridal shower playlist – and therefore the soundtrack of your day – to match the atmosphere of the event.

While in theory, putting on commercial-free streaming radio seems like all that may be needed for a bridal shower; however, using a bridal shower playlist curated specifically for the event will mean that only appropriate music will be included in the music for the day. This is not just in reference to songs that are explicit, but rather music with content that does not fit the occasion. Club music or punk rock is more than likely to sound out of place at a bridal shower, and a somber breakup song could really kill the mood! You don't have to put quite as much thought into the music as you would for your wedding, but it's still a good idea to include upbeat love songs, funny songs to dance to that will bring your ladies together, or even a playlist complete with wedding-related music like "Chapel of Love" or Louis Armstrong classics that guests of all ages will love.

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Take a moment to listen to the songs on our suggested bridal shower playlist below. With our carefully curated shower playlist and selection of gentle melodies, happy vibes, and romantic song lyrics, everyone is sure to feel comfortable and at ease during the bridal shower – and most importantly, ready to celebrate your upcoming marriage!

A Bridal Shower Playlist

Take a listen to the wedding playlist below! Even if you don't love all of these tunes, we hope that at least one will make it on your bridal-shower playlist! From modern-day hits by Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to classic music that's been loved for decades by Frankie Valli, there's a little something for everyone, including the bride-to-be and all of her dearest loved ones!

"Sugar" - Maroon 5

If you're looking for other popular songs to play at your bridal shower, consider Ed Sheeran love songs, Michael Jackson favorites for wedding party dances or even funny dance songs to enjoy with your family and friends, or even alternative tunes like "I Melt With You" by Modern English. As with any one of your wedding-planning decisions, it's important to choose what makes sense to you! If one of the tunes in the playlist above doesn't fit the vibe of your bridal shower, don't feel the need to include it. Bridal showers and all wedding-related events should fit the couple they're celebrating!

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