When to Host a Bridal Shower

Find out how far in advance it should be before the big day.

Finding the perfect time to host a bridal shower can be quite stressful. Find out how to pick the time frame that causes the least amount of stress for you and the host.

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Getting engaged is an exciting time, especially because there are a lot of events leading up to the big day. Of course, as with everything about your planning process, it can be hard to know what should happen when. Traditionally, bachelor parties were often the night before the wedding; however, nowadays most people would find that to be far too close to the big day. After all, no one wants to be hungover during their vow exchange, right? On the other hand, a bachelor or bachelorette party too far in advance can seem anti-climactic. Planning the event timing can be even more difficult when it comes to bridal showers. 

when should you host a bridal shower? how far in advance should the bridal shower be?

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Having a bridal shower less than one month before your wedding may be too stressful, as you have so much else going on in the final days before the event. Additionally, friends and family who would have to travel to be there may be less likely to do so in short succession. However, a shower at the start of your engagement isn’t necessarily a great idea either. First of all, you and your future spouse need time to create your registry if you choose to have one. You also want to give your maid of honor (or whoever throws the shower) time to plan and organize. 

No matter the length of your engagement, the main concern for the average bride is the availability of her nearest and dearest. Depending on how many guests you hope to invite to your bridal shower, it can be nearly impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Figure out who your VIPs are and work together to find the right date. As long as you have an actual wedding date booked, you can really have the shower any time during your engagement period. Whatever time frame causes the least amount of stress for you and the host(s) is what you should choose!

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