How to Photograph Your Engagement Ring

Make sure it sparkles and shines!

Here are some tips to help highlight the look of your engagement ring.

Photo: Hopkins Studios

While your engagement ring is primarily a token to represent the love and commitment of your future spouse, it’s also a beautiful piece of jewelry! There is no shame in wanting to show it off, as long as you are not ostentatious about it. Constantly posting photos of your sparkler might have acquaintances whispering behind your back; however, when you first get engaged, a shot of your ring is exactly what people want to see. With only one or two opportunities to post a picture where the focus is all on your ring, you’ll want to make sure it looks as good as possible. After all, sometimes photography can’t quite capture the beauty of jewelry, especially when it’s taken from a phone.

how to take pictures of your engagement ring for instagram

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios

Here are some tips to help highlight the look of your engagement ring:

- Make sure it’s clean. If you’re taking this picture right after saying yes to an engagement, this is probably not an issue. However, if you spent time keeping the news private or had any other reason to not take a photo of your ring right away, you’ll want to clean it first so it has its most brilliant shine. 

- Choose your focal point. Is it the setting you love? A side angle will help show that off. If you have a uniquely colored center stone, highlight that with a background of the same color. 

- Find your light. A dimly lit room is not going to let a diamond sparkle enough in a photo. Natural lighting where the sun is shining is your best bet, but it’s a good idea to take test pictures to compare what environment allows your ring to fully capture the light. 

- Don’t use zoom. It lowers the quality of the photo so it is not as crisp and sharp. Instead, physically bring your phone or camera closer, while always making sure to keep the ring in focus. Using the self-timer will prevent blurriness when you take the shot. 

- Relax your hand. Spread out fingers may be your instinct, but a soft, relaxed hand will be more flattering. Holding something, such as your fiancé(e)’s arm, is also a good solution. 

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