Resizing Your Engagement Ring: Everything You Need to Know

How to deal if it doesn't fit as perfectly as you would have hoped.

Though many jewelers will offer to resize a ring for free, there are some things that are important to know before you send the ring in for a couple of weeks.

Photo: Kurstin Roe Photography

Now that engagements are often not quite the big surprises they used to be, it is likely that fewer people have to deal with saying yes to a proposal, only to find they cannot get the ring on! However, that doesn’t mean the problem of needing a ring resized is completely eliminated. For one, some do still choose to go the surprise route, and many have to guess the size of their beloved’s ring finger. Also, if you measure yourself, it might not be completely accurate and could end up being a bit looser than you anticipated.

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Photo by Lane Dittoe; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

Though many jewelers will offer to resize a ring for free, there are some things that are important to know before you send the ring in for a couple of weeks: 

Not All Rings Can Be Resized
Silver, gold, and platinum can all be adjusted, but a material like tungsten – which has become trendy for men’s bands – cannot be changed once it is made. Full eternity bands also cannot be resized, as well as any setting that features a design all the way around. When the bottom of a ring is plain, it doesn’t mean the purchaser or jeweler is cheap! That’s the part that allows the metal to be adjusted. It’s also best if only a slight change is necessary – going up or down more than two sizes can damage the ring.

There Are Alternatives to Resizing
If your ring is uncomfortable, it is probably too small and should be brought up a size. You should also be able to take the ring off, but not too easily – there should be some resistance. If not, it is too large and is at risk of slipping off your finger. That said, if your ring feels too loose on your finger, but is still tough to take over your knuckle, you should consider adding sizing beads to the inside of your ring, which can help with spinning caused by a ring being too loose, as well as a large center stone making the band top-heavy.

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