Should You Have Multiple Wedding Ring Sets?

Take a look at the details of the latest jewelry trend for brides.

Should You Have Multiple Wedding Ring Sets?

Photo: Ira Lippke Studios

stacked wedding ring sets

Given that engagement and wedding rings are typically seen as symbols of your love and commitment, it would be fair to assume that people would only have one of these rings. However, one of the hottest trends today is to have multiple rings – and that in no way lessens your commitment to your spouse. There are even multiple ways to wear multiple rings, by switching out different styles or wearing a stack of bands. Victoria Beckham has worn 13 different engagement rings depending on her style throughout her 15-year marriage to David Beckham. When picking out her ring before her wedding to Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel selected four stackable bands to wear together or separately with her engagement ring.

Many women choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand after the nuptials and to wear stacked wedding bands on the traditional left ring finger. While this trend isn’t for everyone, there are a variety of reasons it may be beneficial to have several rings:

- Some people like the symmetry of having their engagement ring between two bands. You can even get a “ring jacket” made to envelop the engagement ring.
- Anniversaries are often seen as an opportunity to upgrade engagement rings once a couple is more established financially, providing the opportunity to have multiple ring styles.
- With the rising popularity of “push presents” – or a gift after a woman gives birth – a new ring to wear with a wedding ring is seen as a way to represent the next stage of a couple’s relationship.
- For women with unique engagement ring settings, they may want a ring that is specially shaped to sit flush, as well as a band that can be worn on its own.
- Adding rings or having different styles is a way to participate in modern trends while still having a classic look available for the necessary occasions.
- You can bring color into your set with gemstones or mixing metals.
- It can be useful to have inexpensive substitutions to stand in for more precious rings during a vacation, or other situations where a ring could be lost or damaged.

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Opening photo by Ira Lippke Studios