Is the Food Truck Wedding Trend Right for You?

Learn more about the hottest trend in wedding food.

Is the Food Truck Wedding Trend Right for You?

Photo: Heather Waraksa

food trucks at weddings instead of catering

It’s only natural that trends in our daily life often find themselves in weddings, and vice versa. For example, I’m sure you’ve seen friends drinking from mason jars at a party, or discovered house plants become slowly replaced by succulents. So if you’ve gone to any outdoor festivals recently, the surge in popularity of having food trucks at weddings will come as no surprise.

Once seen purely as a vehicle for snack foods and sandwiches, food trucks now often serve gourmet cuisine and are popular with hip foodies. Couples looking for a twist on what’s considered standard wedding food have been looking to these trucks as a way to spice up their big day. However, they aren’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. It is a trendy choice, so if you are hoping for a timeless and classic wedding, it may not go with the aesthetic of your day. The demographics of your guest list can also make a difference, as a younger, metropolitan crowd is more likely to be receptive to food trucks than an older or rural-based group who may not have had the same experience with the mobile eateries. 

In order to have a food truck at your celebration, you will need to have a venue that allows outside catering and has a space logical for the vehicles to park. There will also need to be room for attendees to wait in line, with tables far enough away from the trucks to avoid the noise from the generators, but not so far away that the food will get cold when everyone walks to their seat. 

Spring and summer nuptials are the best times to embrace this trend, as your friends and family won’t want to wait outside in cold weather. Weddings with 150 guests or fewer, where you can get away with hiring only one or two trucks, are preferable to large events that would require a whole fleet of vehicles lined up around your venue. However, multiple trucks do add more variety and options in addition to lessening the wait. Limiting the menu to a few choice items that can be prepared ahead of time also helps to speed things up. You may also want to consider hiring servers, or setting up a buffet-style table so your loved ones don’t have to hover by the window for their order. 

Though you can add ambience with twinkle lights, tents, or a menu displayed via a chalkboard, mirror, or window, food trucks may not be a great option for those who picture an elegant sit-down dinner for their wedding day. If you want to find a way to include food trucks regardless of the formality of your wedding, bringing one in for a late-night snack or cocktail-hour appetizers is a great idea. It could also work for a low-key rehearsal dinner, if you think your family would have fun with the concept.

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