Casual Meets Refined: Sophisticated Décor Ideas for Mason Jars

Bring this rustic element into your elegant wedding in a number of clever ways.

Casual Meets Refined: Sophisticated Décor Ideas for Mason Jars

Photo: Michael Segal Photography

The “rustic” concept is becoming more and more prevalent in more wedding motifs – regardless of setting or style, many brides and grooms have selected to incorporate certain “down-home” details into their big day. The appeal lies within the opportunities for personalization and the connection to the idea of being grounded: something all couples want as the base of their love and commitment. The tricky part is integrating these details into nuptial-friendly décor; weddings are typically some of the most formal events we will attend in our lifetime, so every element should uphold a certain level of sophistication.

Arguably one of the most popular items in the rustic category is the mason jar – a small, glass jar used for all kinds of DIY projects. Many love the idea of having this jar as one of the elements of their ceremony or reception motif, but struggle with how to make it appropriate for an elegant wedding. View the pictures below from real weddings to see how brides and grooms have made this down-home staple a refined piece of décor in their own wedding, and click on each photo for further inspiration from the event. 

Photo by Next Exit Photography

Photo by Vue Photography

Photo by Vue Photography

Photo by Michael Segal Photography

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

Photo by Realities Photography

Photo by Sachi Villareal Photography

Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

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