Watch 100 Years of Engagement Ring Styles

See how engagement rings evolved from the 1910s to today.

Watch 100 Years of Engagement Ring Styles

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Photo: KT Merry Photography

You may know Mode’s Youtube channel for their immensely popular videos about fashion, beauty, and hairstyles through the century. One of their recent videos showcases the way popular engagement ring styles have changed in the past 100 years. If you look carefully, you’ll also catch how nail polish trends have evolved as well! Whether you’re an admirer of vintage jewelry or you just want to see how much you love your ring compared to these styles, the quick video is a fun glimpse at the history of engagement rings.

The video starts with the 1910s and a dainty six-pronged solitaire in yellow gold. The following two decades featured more intricate styles, with scrollwork and Art Deco bands. White gold had its first burst of popularity, having been introduced fairly recently. The 50s bring a return to yellow gold with darling details, while the 60s shifted towards platinum and a regal emerald-cut diamond solitaire. The simplicity of 1960s style is lost in the 70s, with an oval diamond set in a wide yellow gold band with plentiful accent diamonds. The 1980s sees a larger center stone with baguette side stones, which evolves into the popular princess cut and triangular accents of the 1990s. The turn of the new millennium brought forth pavé rings with a center stone. As you have likely noticed, halo settings easily win the current decade’s popularity contest.

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