When Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

What you need to know if you're ready for a change.

Whether it was a complete surprise or you got to pick it out yourself, your engagement ring is supposed to last forever, right? Not necessarily, as more and more women are choosing to upgrade their rings at some point in the marriage – or even the engagement! It’s not even always their idea – often a woman’s husband wants to get a larger stone for his wife, particularly if the couple is in a better spot financially than they were when becoming engaged.

when should you upgrade your engagement ring 
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The motives for upgrading an engagement ring can range from a change in taste, the ability to afford something nicer, to signify a vow renewal, to celebrate an anniversary, or even as a “push present” after the birth of a child. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, recently updated her engagement ring to a pavé setting, reports Harpers Bazaar. The timing seems to correspond both with her one year anniversary with Prince Harry and the recent birth of their son Archie. Sometimes the setting of a ring may no longer work for a woman’s lifestyle, and she now may need something more practical. The reverse can also be true, with a job change granting a woman to be able to wear a flashier ring.

First things first, don’t upgrade a ring in order to patch up a struggling marriage. That’s what counseling is for. However, some people become more sentimentally attached to material objects than others; so don’t let people shame you because your choices are different than theirs. That said, if you do love your engagement ring, but want something that celebrates how far you and your spouse have come together, an eternity band is always lovely and a popular choice to add some bling to your wedding set.

To still hold onto some aspect of your original ring, you might choose to change the setting, but keep the diamond. For example, adding a halo is an especially popular choice, as is turning a solitaire into a three-stone ring to represent the past, present, and future of your marriage. Alternately, you might want to keep your setting, but upgrade to a bigger and/or higher-quality stone. When purchasing a new diamond or gemstone, cut and carat size are going to be the biggest difference makers, unless you started off with a particularly low color grade or poor clarity rock. When selecting a larger diamond, you should be sure to do a side-by-side comparison to confirm that the difference is noticeable and worth the money. Always do careful research to make sure you absolutely love the ring – you might not have the opportunity to upgrade again!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier