10 Ways to Update a Ho-Hum Wedding Guest Book

These nontraditional guest books will delight your loved ones!

10 Ways to Update a Ho-Hum Wedding Guest Book

Photo: Ventana Photography

The guest book is one of the most enduring wedding traditions – one you're as likely to see at a wedding hundreds of years ago as a wedding today! And like any centuries-old tradition, it's bound to start looking a little tired. Truthfully, is anyone that excited to sign that ornate, often old-fashioned white album? That's why we've seen many couples tweak the tradition, transforming their guest books into works of art that attendees will be excited to sign.

Consider inviting loved ones to sign a photo or other piece of art that can then be framed and hung in your home; or, perhaps photos of themselves or accessories from the wedding itself. Think beyond the classic, ho-hum guest book and create another option that fits your personality as a couple!

Get inspired by these 10 clever alternatives, dreamed up by real brides and grooms:

1. Signed Guitar

signed guitar guest book

Perfect for music lovers: Ask your guests to sign a guitar! Perhaps you already own a guitar with special meaning to both of you; or, purchase a brand new one, to signify the start of your new life making music together. Of course, you can get really creative with your choice of instrument – drums, violins, and even keyboards or pianos can be signed, too! Photo by Melissa Plantz

2. Personalized Polaroids

signed polaroid photos

Photo booths have quickly become one of the best-loved forms of entertainment at wedding receptions. And rather than letting your guests keep all of their hilarious photos to themselves, ask them to sign one snapshot and leave it for you to enjoy long after the celebration. Photo by Ventana Photography

3. Jenga Game

jenga guest book

How adorable is this?! Guests signed Jenga pieces, so whenever the newlyweds play the game, they'll be reminded of their wedding guests. After all, marriage is a game of balance! Photo by EDLT Photo

4. Map of Love

signed map guest book

Have guests sign a map of your wedding location, memorializing your friends and family as well as the special place where you said "I do." You'll end up with a beautiful piece of artwork that can be framed and displayed in your home. Photo by Adrienne Page

5. Framed Photo

framed signed photo of newlyweds

If you're planning on showing off your wedding portrait in your house, why not adorn it with signatures and well-wishes from your loved ones? Display your photo in a large mat at the reception and provide pens for signing. Frame it after the wedding! Photo by John Derryberry

6. Tree of Love

tree and petals artwork

Each of your loved ones is like a flower petal on the branches of your love story. Have each guest sign a single petal on a lovely painting, providing much more organization and style than a typical guest book. Photo by D Park Photography

7. Champagne Bottles

guests signing champagne bottle

Imagine popping some bubbly on your first anniversary and reading signatures and messages written by your wedding guests! Depending on how many guests you have, provide one or more bottles of Champagne for guests to sign; then, save the bottle for a truly special occasion. Photo by John Russo

8. Bridal Shoes

silver bridal shoes signed by bridesmaids

This is a perfect way to memorialize your bridal party. Ask each member to sign your wedding shoes! You'll probably want to keep them off the streets, but they make a lovely decorative addition to your closet. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

9. Coffee Table Guest Book

coffee table guest book

For a more creative, attractive version of the traditional guest book, consider asking your loved ones to sign a coffee table book. You'll love being able to keep it in your living room and flip through it whenever you want – no need to pull out the wedding albums from storage! Photo by Elizabeth Grubb

10. Fingerprint Tree

fingerprint guest book tree

You're guaranteed to be the only of your friends to have a "fingerprint tree" instead of a guest book! Provide a drawing of the branches of a tree as well as ink pads, and invite guests to place a fingerprint beside the branches to form "leaves." Then, each person can sign their print. So clever! Photo by Katelyn James Photography

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