11 Precious Pups That Were a Wedding Highlight

These adorable dogs show why man's best friend makes for a great bridal party member.

11 Precious Pups That Were a Wedding Highlight

Photo: Vanessa Joy Photography

If man's best friend happens to hold a special place in your heart, there is a chance you're considering whether or not it would be a good idea to incorporate your dog into your big day. There are, of course, pros and cons to involving your beloved pet in any aspect of your wedding, as they are much like very young children: special to you and adorable in every way, but they know not what they do, and can end up disrupting things.

However, if you decide that your canine would make the perfect ring bearer, flower girl, or greeter when you tie the knot, they're sure to please the photographers! 

Gain some inspiration for your furry friend with these 11 puppies all primped and ready to go on their owners' special days – some in miniature tuxedos, some with bridal accoutrement and accessories, and some with a simple loving look on their face that only dogs can have. 

This marvelous little Maltese is all ready for his parents' Jewish ceremony – sporting a crocheted yarmulke. Photo by Gruber Photographers

An adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever seems content as can be with a new collar made of fresh florals. Photo by Beale & Wittig

It looks like this stylish Cocker Spaniel is ready to bark some vows of her own! Photo by Handeland Tesoro Photography

You have to stay alert on your parents' wedding day! This couple had their dapper Chihuahua walk as their ring bearer. Photo by Vue Photography

A sweet Yorkshire Terrier looks back to ensure there's no funny business going on before the ceremony. Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

This bride's special pup stayed close to her – top hat and all! – throughout her big day. Photo by David & Tammy Molnar

Well, they say you need to look your best, so of course this tiny Chihuahua didn't want to disappoint! Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and new wife Lauren Kitt's puppies, a French Bulldog and a Pug, look prepared to bring their humans their wedding bands. Photo by Kris Kan

Despite the sour look, this canine was thrilled to be behind the scenes with the bride before the vows took place. Photo by Jen Yuson Photography

Big dogs can get in on the action as well! This couple's lovable pet watched over the event with diligence and a killer ensemble. Photo by Clane Gessel Photography

This teeny pup is the picture of sophisticated grace with her gorgeous turquoise bow! Photo by Vanessa Joy Photography

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