12 "First Look" Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Some of our favorite moments are when our real couples first see each other on their big day.

12 "First Look" Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

It used to be that, on your wedding day, you and your beloved first laid eyes on one another when the processional music began to swell during the ceremony. It’s no surprise that wedding traditions have been slightly altered over time, and this practice is no exception. More and more modern-day couples are opting to view their partners before their vow exchange during a “first look,” wherein, fully dressed in their wedding attire, they meet each other in a secluded area. Typically, only the couple and their photographer/videographer are present for this intimate moment.

The main benefit of participating in a “first look” is timing, as it knocks out all of the cute shots of the pair that would normally take place during cocktail hour. This affords brides and grooms the opportunity to spend more time with their guests and can decrease stress dramatically. Plus: you can get some truly beautiful, candid photos of this authentic moment. Don’t believe us? Browse the photos below of real couples during their “first looks” for inspiration, and don’t forget to click on each picture to see more from these weddings.

Photo by Justin DeMutiis; Wedding Planning & Design by Très Chic Southern Weddings & Events

Photo by Marianne Lozano Photography 

Photo by KingenSmith; Wedding Planning & Design by Hope Weis Consulting

Photo by Arte de Vie 

Photo by Alucinarte Films

Photo by Sallee Photography 

Photo by Joanna Toto for Ira Lippke Studios

Photo by TimeFrozen Photography 

Photo by Andi Diamond Photography 

Photo by Kristin Vanzant 

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