15 Real Brides Share Their Top Wedding Advice

How to plan the perfect wedding, from brides who have been there.

15 Real Brides Share Their Top Wedding Advice

Photo: Carrie Rodman Photography

Though it seems everyone suddenly has an opinion about wedding planning as soon as you reveal you're tying the knot, there's only one group of people that truly knows what you're going through: other brides. Who else understands the agony of deciding which band to choose, or how difficult it is to stay within your budget after seeing your floral designer's incredible samples?

The brides we've featured in the pages of Inside Weddings became experts on all things weddings while planning their celebrations, and they are eager to share what they've learned. You can have confidence that these tips can be trusted since these stylish brides planned truly spectacular weddings with the help of fabulous vendors (and moms!). Read on to discover how 15 brides responded when we asked them what their number one piece of advice would be for other brides.

The Planning
"I’d tell any very-soon-to-be bride: go for it. Every last thought, idea, or extra accent you want to add but feel like you’re over it and just need to survive… do it. Some of the best 'last hour' ideas of mine were some of my favorite things of my wedding." - Melissa

"Get a videographer! The day is a whirlwind and you won’t remember half of it! It is so fun to have a video to watch and remember the day." - Hilary

"If you can, even if you have to make cuts somewhere, get a wedding planner. It is just too much for the couple to deal with alone. It seems easy to plan it on your own, but when it gets down to it, you'll end up pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do." - Crystal

"When you first get engaged, write out on paper the five most important things each of you want for your wedding. When planning starts to spin out of control, always look back to that list. It will keep you in check." - Stefanie

"Take suggestions from friends and family with a grain of salt. If you end up trying to incorporate every single suggestion, you might end up losing yourself in the process." - Zoe

"Create a budget! Without a budget, it did become difficult at some point to know who was owed what, when someone was paid, etc. A budget and a spreadsheet would have allowed us to have everything in one place and keep better track of spending." - Krystal 

"For those working full time, I would definitely recommend taking extra days off from work leading up to the wedding, even if you don’t have appointments or anything specific scheduled. It will help you balance your schedule and get some much-needed rest." - Catherine

"Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your wedding. If you are a casual person, keep it casual. If you don’t want to do a bouquet toss or cake cutting or something traditional, don’t feel obligated to do it. It’s so worth it to be yourself and do what you want instead of trying to be traditional or wonder what others will think if you do something out of the ordinary." - Sarah

"If you don't have your wedding on a Saturday, you will have more negotiation powers with vendors." - Kandi

"Enjoy all the small tasks [with your fiance]!  Make it a date night, because you probably won’t have any date nights for the next few months, anyway. Grab a bottle of wine and put together song lists, choose napkin colors, make favors, and create signs or whatever it is that you need to check off the list!" - Katrina

The Wedding
"I would recommend choosing a close friend to be your personal attendant to help you with your personal items, getting dressed, keeping you on schedule, and acting as your liaison. As much time as you take on the planning, it’s important that you are not the only one aware of your vision. Equip them to handle it so that you can enjoy the day." - Sheeba

"When you are at the end of the aisle, take a moment to pause, look around, and realize you are about to take the most important walk of your life. Then take a minute during dinner and just stop what you are doing and scan the room slowly. Try and take in everything you possibly can because those mental pictures are going to be imprinted in your mind." - Traci 

"I’m a big believer in saving fifteen minutes at some point to be alone after the ceremony. The ceremony was the most important part of the night for us, so reflecting on what it felt like to be husband and wife in the car on the way over to the reception was really fun." - Auna

"Never let go of your husband’s hand throughout the wedding day and night. Your wedding day is an incredibly important moment for the two of you and you want to remember it as a couple." - Hannah 

"Enjoy every moment, and remember that the only person who will notice if something doesn’t go as you planned is you." - Trina   

Opening photo by Renee Sprink Photography