They say birds of a feather flock together. In the case of Hannah Hale and Luke Redfern, this old adage undeniably held true. After meeting through a mutual friend, the two couldn’t believe how much they had in common: both are left-handed, Catholic, have half-siblings, and share many of the same interests. “We ended up talking for hours and I remember feeling like I’d never met anyone with as many similar interests as me,” Hannah says. Luke agrees, “It was almost a little weird how easy it was to talk.”

A fun-filled trip to New York City a few months later confirmed the course of their relationship. “I couldn’t get enough of her and realized then that I wanted to continue spending time with her… for the rest of my life,” Luke says. Assisted by the many photos of rings that Hannah had shared with him, Luke worked with a jeweler to design the perfect engagement ring and proposed during a weekend getaway in Wisconsin. “I paused for a full minute simply out of pure shock,” Hannah says. “I think he was a little nervous at that point, but I was obviously going to say ‘yes!’”

Since both Hannah and Luke had received the Catholic sacrament of confirmation, holding the ceremony in a Catholic sanctuary was a top priority. A 100-year-old church in Hannah’s hometown of Portland, Oregon was adorned with lush white flowers and garlands of greenery, which accented the church’s ivory columns and mural-covered ceilings. Bridesmaids wore matching mermaid gowns and carried simple bouquets of vanilla roses as they walked down the aisle to “Over the Rainbow” performed by a small orchestra. Hannah made her grand entrance in a stunning gown featuring a full pick-up skirt and carried a glamelia bouquet fashioned from vanilla rose petals. “I had no idea what her dress looked like and I was blown away,” Luke marvels. “She looked beautiful and, frankly, pretty sexy.” The personalized service, which Luke took charge of coordinating, included readings and candle-lightings by several family members. 

Because the evening’s festivities were held on the lush, picturesque grounds of a country club, Hannah opted to follow a neutral color palette of cream and blush so as not to compete with the scenic surroundings. “I wanted the space to speak for itself,” Hannah explains. Cocktail hour took place on a verdant lawn dotted with towering trees; then, guests headed into a snow-white tent for dinner. Tables were covered in blush linens complemented by rose-gold candelabras, which matched gold-rimmed glassware and chargers. Centerpieces overflowing with cream and blush flowers stood on each table. Bright white couches provided comfortable seating outside the tent, overlooking awe-inspiring mountains and the peaceful Willamette River.

Guests enjoyed a sit-down dinner that included locally grown food and beverages to honor Hannah’s father, who is a farmer; in fact, many of the ingredients were harvested from his farm. Courses were served in between dance sets, to break up the dinner and ensure guests were having fun. “It kept the energy high throughout the night,” Luke confirms. A performance by a Jersey Boys tribute band completed an evening Luke describes as “an experience to remember.”

Although their exhilarating wedding left them almost too exhausted to leave for their honeymoon the next day, Hannah and Luke say they would not change a thing. “It was special to have all of my friends from different life stages together and bonding,” Luke says.

They agree that the key to an unforgettable wedding day is to remain close by your new spouse’s side. “Never let go of your husband’s hand throughout the wedding day and night. Your wedding day is incredibly important for the two of you and you want to remember it as a couple,” Hannah confirms. Luke reassures couples that any wedding jitters will fade as the feeling of love and support from friends and family fill the air. “On the wedding day, all of the stress goes away and everyone is so happy for you,” Luke declares. “It was all perfect.”