4 Planning Tips for the Bachelorette Party

How to get started on organizing the festivities.

To help get you started, here are some tips for planning a bachelorette party.

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tips for planning a bachelorette party, how to get started planning a bachelorette party

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Though technically speaking the only task maids of honor and bridesmaids have is to wear the selected dress and participate in the ceremony and reception, it is generally accepted that they will often plan a bachelorette party for the bride. For some women this is a simple task, as they have been in several weddings before or just happen to be natural party planners. However, for many others, this is the only time they have found themselves needing to prepare for such festivities. Whether this is the first or fourteenth bachelorette party you’ve been involved in, it’s important to know that every one is different – because every bride is different. To help get you started, here are some tips for planning a bachelorette party.

- Determine a budget. Are you footing the bill yourself, or are the bridesmaids chipping in? If everyone is of vastly different means, you may want to allow the ladies to contribute what they are comfortable with, rather than a uniform amount. No one needs to know! However, it can be a good idea to give the bride a rough idea of what’s available to spend so she can set her expectations accordingly. 

- Do what the bride wants. No, the guest of honor shouldn’t be micromanaging the festivities or making unreasonable demands, but it is supposed to be a large party thrown on her behalf – she should enjoy it. So if strippers and club hopping isn’t her idea of a good time, leave it off the itinerary. If the bride does want the classic wild Vegas party, then do your best to accommodate that, even if “Sin City” is out of reach. 

- Have a backup plan. Maybe one of your activities was a bust, the weather was bad, or you missed your dinner reservation because of traffic. Keep the party going by making sure to have other options if something falls through.

- Include downtime. As much as you don’t want to have an awkward lag in the festivities, if the bachelorette party is a full weekend of events, the attendees may need some time to relax and decompress. It doesn’t have to be boring though! DIY spa treatments or bonding over a cheesy movie can help. 

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