6 Details to Remember When Wedding Planning

The things that seem minor until you realize you forgot to take care of them.

Even with a team of professionals by your side, there are countless decisions to make when putting together the perfect day.

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography

No one ever said planning a wedding was easy. Even with a team of professionals by your side, there are countless decisions to make when putting together the perfect day. While the bulk of your time may be focused on the ceremony, choosing the right vendors, and finding the dress of your dreams, there are plenty of smaller aspects of the process that can slip through the cracks. Though none of the below things will make or break your nuptials, it’s always better to be as prepared as possible in order to avoid potential regrets when looking back or stress on the day itself.

minor wedding details you don't want to forget

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Here are the details of your wedding day you should not forget:

- Getting-ready attire. If you plan to take cute photos with your bridesmaids while you prepare for your vow exchange, you will likely want to provide robes, pajama sets, or simply matching shirts.

- Pre-wedding meals. Depending on the time of your ceremony and when the beauty appointments will be, you and your bridal party will need one or two meals before the actual wedding even starts! You don’t want anyone to be faint with hunger while walking down the aisle. 

- Invitation suite for photos. Most items needed for detail shots, such as your shoes, accessories, and rings, will already be on hand. Remember to bring a copy of your save the date and invitation suite so they can be part of your wedding album. 

- Cake serving utensils. The cake cutting is one of the major photo ops of your reception, so a simple knife just won’t do. Not to mention, a special cake server can also be an heirloom and memento from your big day.  

- Bar décor. So much time is spent thinking about the centerpieces, but guests will spend a decent amount of time at the bar. Make sure it has at least something to make it aesthetically pleasing – some couples even turn the bar into a focal point!

- Restroom emergency kits. Though its absence is unlikely to be commented on, attendees will be thankful and delighted to see the restroom stocked with items like mouthwash, bobby pins, deodorant, floss, and much more. 

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