6 Features to Consider for Your Wedding Website

Find out what information to provide for your invitees.

6 Features to Consider for Your Wedding Website

Photo: Elizabeth Fogarty

Wedding websites once seemed like an overly techy anomaly, but now they are commonplace and expected. That’s because people have realized it’s not about vanity, rather it’s about providing important information to your invitees. Though it may take time to create the website – although not too much time considering how many free templates are available – it will save you and your sweetheart valuable time in the long run. Instead of having to answer questions from your friends and family individually, your save the date can lead them to a website that will provide all the information they need. Of course, this also requires you anticipating what features will be most valuable to your guests. Allow us to make some suggestions: 

information for your wedding website, what to put on a wedding website
Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty; Bridal Salon: Carine's Bridal Atelier

- Event details. Yes, your formal invitation will have these details, but people have been known to lose their copy. This is also where you can inform guests about a welcome party or morning-after brunch.

- Registry. This is the one place where it’s considered okay to talk about your wish list. You still might want to include a line about gifts not being necessary, however.

- Activity suggestions. If a lot of people are traveling for the big day, it can be nice to offer some suggestions of sites to visit or where to eat outside of the celebration.

- Directions. It’s true that anyone can Google an address and get precise directions, but with some venues, a little extra guidance can be helpful. Are there specific parking instructions? Where do you find the specific building/area on a larger estate?

- Transportation. If you’re able to provide shuttles or another form of transportation for your guests, it’s best to let them know ahead of time!

- Attire. Some say you should never denote a dress code outside of black tie or black tie optional, but the truth is that no one wants to feel under- or overdressed. Excessive detail can be appear gauche, but a simple line denoting “formal” or “cocktail attire” etc. can help a guest know what to expect. You can also advise on weather or note if stiletto heels might be tough at an alfresco event. 

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