7 Clever Ways to Reveal Your Wedding Hashtag

Encourage guests to use your official hashtag with these inventive displays.

7 Clever Ways to Reveal Your Wedding Hashtag

Photo: Samuel Lippke Studios

If there's anything we know about wedding guests, it's that they love to take photos of all the prettiest, sweetest, and funniest moments at a wedding. Hey, it's a night of celebration with their closest friends at a gorgeous private party – what's more Instagram-worthy than that?! But while brides and grooms may cherish that their guests are documenting their big day on social media, it can be difficult for them to keep track of all the posts and see everyone's pictures once the wedding is over. The solution: designate a single wedding hashtag all guests can use when sharing their photos, making it a breeze for anyone to scroll through the photos. 

But how do you let everyone know what your wedding hashtag is? Word of mouth isn't ideal because hashtags are so specific and easy to get wrong (for example, you don't want half of your guests using #thesmiths and the other half using #smiths). To make it easy for everyone to know exactly what to use, you'll want to display your hashtag in clear view at the wedding. Any surface can be a clever place to post your hashtag, from invitations to straws to sunglasses! We've rounded up a few super-creative ways couples have shared their official hashtags, below. 

hashtag drink tag

Slide a tag labeled with your custom hashtag onto striped straws, and offer them to guests as they receive a glass of your signature cocktail. Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

flag hashtag sign

Frame a sign in glass and place it at an easily viewable spot, like the head of the buffet line. Photo by Elisabeth Millay Photography

welcome bag hashtag

Encourage Instagramming from the start of the wedding weekend by adorning welcome bags with your wedding hashtag. Photo by Aaron Delesie Photographer

hashtag license plate

Making a grand exit in a classic car? Personalize the license plate with your hashtag! Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

invitations hashtag

The one place your hashtag must be present: your invitations. This allows guests to post throughout all of your wedding festivities, from the bridal shower, to the bachelorette party, to the wedding. Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

hashtag sunglasses

Everyone loves party sunglasses! Personalize your sunglass wedding favors with your hashtag. Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

chalkboard hashtag

For creative – yet relaxed – signage, ask a friend (or a member of your bridal party) with the best handwriting to write the hashtag on a chalkboard. Photo by Sarah Tew Photography