7 Couples, 7 Engagement Photo Styles

Great ways to personalize your engagement pictures.

7 Couples, 7 Engagement Photo Styles

Photo: Jeremy Yates Photography

We've seen our fair share of engagement photos, and while we have nothing against botanical gardens and sandy shorelines, we love seeing unique backdrops in photos received from couples who selected more unusual scenes for their sessions. Backgrounds that add artistic intrigue can make all the difference between taking standard images and capturing magic in this powerful aspect of wedding photography. Take a look at some of the unique backdrops chosen by a few creative couples, and draw some inspiration for your own engagement pictures.

Backdrop: Tile ~ Location: Subway Station
Elle Jae Photography

Backdrop: Building Architecture ~ Location: Music Hall
Alice Hu Photography

Backdrop: Painting ~ Location: Art Museum
Bob and Dawn Davis Photography

Backdrop: Skyline ~ Location: Downtown Chicago
KingenSmith Photography

Backdrop: Stairs ~ Location: College Campus
Desi Baytan Photography

Backdrop: Baseball Field ~ Location: Sports Arena
Drew Clayton Photography

Opening photograph beneath the Santa Monica Pier by Jeremy Yates Photography