7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Excellent stress-cutting strategies for planning your big day.

7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Photo: Chris & Lynn Jaksa

You’ve spent countless hours contemplating the details of the most special day of your life, but have you thought about how to add peace and tranquility to the mix? An unencumbered mind will allow you more time and energy to spend with your family, out-of-town guests, your fiancé, and even yourself to concentrate on the true purpose of all your hard work: celebrating your marriage. Try implementing the following tips so you will be relaxed and refreshed to experience your wedding (and those precious days right before it) to its fullest.

1. Knock Out the Details
Instead of waiting until the week right before your wedding to do so, complete those tasks you’ve deemed “last-minute” earlier in the process. There is no reason not to: Small changes can always be made if need be, but the time consuming work will be behind you. Finalize seating assignments, assemble any programs or favors, write out your final payment checks, and review the timing of your ceremony and reception. Each time you check another detail off your list, you will be one step closer to enjoying your wedding stress-free.

2. Leave Work Behind
Free yourself from your professional obligations three days prior to your rehearsal. You will be able to completely focus on your wedding and avoid another major stressor: a traffic-filled commute. Instead of spending your days at the office, spend them getting in tune with yourself: Schedule activities such as spa services, exercise, journal writing, lunches with friends, shopping, and leisurely walks.

3. Pack Accordingly
Make a list of clothing and items you want for your wedding day, your overnight stay, and your honeymoon. Organizing your belongings ahead of time will ensure that you don’t forget anything important and have to scramble at the last moment to acquire it.

4. Bring the Services To You
Check into your honeymoon suite the night before your wedding so that on the big day you can wake up to breakfast in bed and maid service. A relaxed bride is a beautiful bride: Schedule a massage for the night before or the morning of your event. On your wedding day, have your beauty stylists bring the salon to you so you and your bridesmaids can relax and enjoy each other’s company (and again, avoid running around town in traffic).

5. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Make sure you and your bridal party members eat while getting ready and stay well hydrated throughout the day. Nerves of anticipation can be expected; to reduce the chances of feeling lightheaded, eat healthy foods, preferably without sauces or salt.

6. Hire Transportation
If you are getting married at one location and asking guests to move to another location for the reception, it is important to provide transportation for your wedding party. Keeping the group together is central to creating a fun atmosphere, assuring promptness, and reducing stress. It’s also important to provide snacks and beverages during the ride so that you and your wedding party maintain your energy.

7. Leave It To the Professionals
Handing over the details to a professional coordinator increases your ability to let go and take total pleasure in your day. Avoid dealing with money, vendor details, and timing issues. A professional coordinator will follow through on your detailed timeline/wish list and make sure your vision is executed without fail. He or she can be your eyes and ears so you can focus on absorbing your day without distraction. This service – and the stress it relieves – is priceless.

Opening photograph by Chris & Lynn Jaksa