7 Quick & Easy Ways to Help With Your Wedding Planning

Check out these wedding "life hacks" during your planning process.

Even if you have an expert consultant by your side, there are still some tasks you’ll have to accomplish on your own.

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Everyone knows wedding planning is tough – otherwise professional planners wouldn’t exist! However, even if you have an expert consultant by your side, there are still some tasks you’ll have to accomplish on your own. “Life hacks” – or simple, but unexpected tricks – are popular around the internet to help with everyday life, and we wanted to provide the same tips for brides and grooms getting ready for their nuptials. Below is a list of little “wedding hacks” that will help make the process and the big day itself go a bit smoother. 

wedding planning "life hacks", simple tips to help with wedding planning

Photo by The Hickenloopers

- Make a wedding-specific email address. When it comes to emailing prospective vendors and even signing up for sweepstakes, once the wedding is over, you’ll be glad you used a new email address. In addition to keeping your personal inbox clean, this method has the added benefit of not having to worry about vendors forgetting to CC your future spouse, as you can share the account!

- Get veil weights. Even if you’re having an indoor ceremony, if any of your photos will be taken outdoors, adding veil weights to your bridal veil will keep it from blowing in the wind. 

- Add numbers to RSVP cards. In case a guest forgets their name or writes it illegibly, a small number on the back (paired with a corresponding spreadsheet) will help you realize whom it is from. A UV pen will allow you to do this invisibly if you’re worried about seeing the written number on the back.

- Color code your seating chart. It will be easier to visualize the categories (sides of the family, friend groups, etc.) when they are coordinated by different colors. 

- Sign up for new credit cards (responsibly). Many credit cards offer bonus cash if you spend a certain amount in the first few months. Time this out when you are paying your vendors and you can get extra miles for your honeymoon or cash to help pay for the wedding. Just be sure to pay off the balance!

- Get return address labels – or a stamp! Prevent hand cramps and save yourself some time by avoiding writing your address on each envelope you mail out for save the dates, invitations, and thank-you notes.

- Use a sponge for envelopes. Though you’re unlikely to meet the unfortunate fate of Susan in Seinfeld, it will still make the envelope-stuffing process more pleasant if you don’t have to lick each one. 

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