7 Wedding Cheese Boards to Celebrate National Cheese Day

Enjoy the national food holiday by embracing the latest trend in wedding cuisine.

7 Wedding Cheese Boards to Celebrate National Cheese Day

Photo: 6 of Four Photography

It seems like there’s a day for just about everything now, but when we were told it’s National Cheese Day, we certainly didn't mind an excuse to celebrate! Cheese has the ability to be featured in both comfort foods and gourmet hors d'oeuvres. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese have become popular choices for wedding food – especially at cocktail hour, but for a more sophisticated touch, we love the idea of cheese boards and displays.

Whether it’s a self-serve display at cocktail hour or part of a charcuterie board used as an edible centerpiece, cheese is a chic way to satiate the hunger of your guests. We’ve noticed cheese boards used in several styled shoots and weddings, so we predict this trend will explode in popularity in the next couple of years. 

Look through the examples below, from real weddings as well as styled shoots, in order to get inspiration if you decide to be an early adopter for this catering trend. Or maybe you need ideas for your next dinner party!

national cheese day, wedding cheese board, charcuterie

Photo by Delaney Dobson Photography

national cheese day, wedding cheese board cocktail hour charcuterie

Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography; Planning & Design by Levine Fox Events

national cheese day, wedding styled shoot, cheese board at reception cocktail hour, charcuterie board

Photo by Lucas Rossi Photography

national cheese day, cheese board at wedding reception cocktail hour, charcuterie board

Photo by 6 of Four Photography

national cheese day, engagement party styled shoot, cheese board on swing, charcuterie board

Photo by Brian Leahy Photography; Planning & Design by Ilana Ashley Events

Learn how to create an on-trend cheese board for your wedding and get ideas on late-night snacks for your guests.