When you think of a winter wedding, thoughts of a cozy, indoor event with windows overlooking snow-capped mountains likely come to mind. For most areas of the United States, this is an accurate representation – but Southern California is quite the exception. While it’s true that certain regions of the lower half of "The Golden State" host colder, even snowy weather in the wintertime, most areas stay mild, even warm. With this in mind, photographer Lucas Rossi went about planning a wedding styled shoot to showcase the beauty of bohemian nuptials in the dead of winter. “Only in California can you kick off your shoes to run through the grass this late in the season,” he jokes.

Upon selecting a ranch venue, he began conceptualizing the photo session in a way that would reflect the beauty of the surrounding nature paired with the boho-chic details he planned to include. For the ceremony space, simple wooden benches matched the arch they faced, which stood against a backdrop of ample greenery and rolling hills. Two sheer, alabaster fabrics were suspended from the structure, tying together in simple knots at their ends to create a curtain effect and an extended arrangement of dark blooms, foliage, and vines bedecked the right corner. The same floral motif continued in the cluster of blossoms in a variety of striking hues resting atop a wooden stand near the arbor. A large tree standing nearby was wrapped entirely in strings of lights to add a touch of whimsy to the event.

Flowing into the reception, a lounge cabana offered additional comfort and style. The living-room-style setup sat underneath a similar configuration to the ceremony arch – the posts also featured white drapery covering the four end corners. The airy fabrics framed the “modern eclectic seating,” according to Lucas, which included a love seat, blue wire basket chairs, leather sling stools, and simple mats. Throw pillow accents adorned the furniture for a pop of color.

Fairy lights were suspended over long farm tables, which were left bare of any linens as to add to the pastoral vibe of the shoot. Place settings included patterned charger plates, dusty blue dinner napkins, natural accents of artichokes and agonis, and a mix of clear and cerulean glassware. Ceramic pots were scattered along the table, housing arrangements of King protea blooms, garden roses, calla lilies, dahlias, ranunculus blossoms, rose hips, magnolia, and smokebrush. 

The model bride donned a perfectly bohemian frock, complete with a plunging neckline, long and flowing sleeves, and intricate patterns in the fabric. Her hair was styled in a sweet, braided updo complemented with a sprig of verdure and a miniature, deep-toned blossom. She completed her look with a cascading bouquet of flowers, featuring King protea, garden roses, dahlias, calla lilies, and magnolia leaves.