Exciting Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

From classics like The Newlywed Game to purse raids, get ideas for your wedding shower.

Not every bridal shower has to have games, but if you want your ladies to enjoy some friendly competition, here are some wedding shower games that guests will enjoy!

Photo: Brett Hickman Photographers

Bridal showers offer a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the bride-to-be and "shower" her with gifts or advice. While all of the guests in attendance will certainly know the bride, her guests may not know each other – and nothing bonds guests quite like a common love for the bride, as well as fun bridal shower games and activities. You've likely been to an engagement party, baby shower, or bachelorette party with games, so why not partake in bridal shower games as well?

Fortunately, there are several bridal shower games that will start the party and encourage loved ones to engage with one another and get everyone participating throughout the event. Despite the different types of personalities in your group of guests, the following games and activities will keep attendees laughing with one another throughout the event. Some of the best bridal shower games will not only break the ice, but they're also games every attendee will actually want to play. You can certainly create a toilet-paper dress or play traditional bridal shower games like bridal shower bingo with specialty bingo cards or mad libs, but we're sharing more ideas to consider as you're planning a bridal shower for your bride-to-be with a pre-wedding twist!

Consider adding some of the bridal shower games, below, to the schedule of the day in order to plan a fun bridal shower for your guest of honor that will be enjoyed by attendees of all ages.

What games do you play at a bridal shower?

Like baby shower games, there are so many bridal shower ideas and games to consider that will ensure everyone has a great time. If you want a unique bridal shower activity, consider sending friends and family on a scavenger hunt that honors the bride, split attendees into two teams to instill some friendly competition with your loved ones, or consider classic bridal shower game ideas that have been tried and true for ages. A variety of bridal shower game ideas can be played individually or with teams – consider your guests and make sure if you do split your friends and family into teams that you do so thoughtfully to make sure each attendee feels included.

If you're the maid of honor planning the event, you may also be considering a lingerie shower filled with activities similar to bachelorette-party games. Should this be something you're interested in, just be sure to check with the bride to be first. If she wants to invite her aunts and grandparents, this may be better left to a separate party – bridal shower not included. It's possible to have a party with more traditional bridal shower activities and a mimosa bar, for example, while also having a different celebration for the bridal party or entire wedding party.

For more traditional bridal shower game ideas, see some of our favorite games below that will make all guests feel comfortable and enjoy the entire event!

1. Funny Notes or Advice on Jenga Blocks

Jenga game at bridal shower

If you and your friends love getting together and playing traditional board games or team games like Jenga, encourage loved ones to leave wedding advice or funny notes on Jenga blocks. This will of course be a sort of bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be after the fact, and she and her beloved will enjoy reading the messages and be delightfully surprised when discovering what each guest wrote.

Another idea is to have bridal shower guests play Jenga at the event; however, this time, there will be certain questions about the bride that friends and family have to answer once they pull a block from the tower. If they get it right, they can win game prizes. Photo by EDLT Photo

2. The Ring Pop Game

Bridal shower ring pop game

Ask your guests to wear one Ring Pop at the beginning of the event, and let them know to refrain from saying “bride” or “wedding” throughout the day. If a guest says one of those two keywords, the person who heard it first should take the ring from the guest who broke the rule. At the end of the shower, the person with the most rings wins a prize... and several Ring Pops!

If you'd rather play without candy, you can get faux wedding rings for each of your attendees and play with those instead. This game is typically called a "ring toss" – it's a fun way to keep everyone engaged throughout the entire event! It's also a fun ice breaker to get different attendees speaking to one another throughout. Photo by EDLT Photo

3. Bridal Shower Trivia

Bridal shower trivia game card

Create a quiz including questions recalling anecdotes or characteristics of the bride or groom, or the couple as a whole. Bridal shower attendees can circle what they think are the correct answers as the bride reads the questions aloud. The guest who answers the most correctly will win a prize.

If the bride doesn't necessarily like being the center of attention, you can change this game to include questions about celebrity couples. If you think the bride would prefer a mix of both, by all means make it your own! The great part about bridal shower games is the ability to make it your own and DIY the index cards or game cards to best fit the event! Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography

4. Advice Cards

Advice card bridal shower activity

Provide guests with advice cards showcasing the shower themes and designs, so they can share wise and loving words with the bride and groom. Guests will enjoy the chance to offer some words of wisdom and appreciate the bride's interest in learning what they have to say. Depending on when the bridal shower is taking place, you can also ask each guest to share specific advice for wedding ideas, wedding planning, or even love songs they may want to hear at the wedding reception. Make it as personal as you'd like – and instead of just a simple piece of paper, have some fun with the stationery if it's not too much trouble! Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography

5. The Purse Raid

Gold YSL wedding clutch on table

Create a list of items one may have in their purse, such as bobby pins, blush, or even risqué items, if you wish. At the bridal shower, the host will announce the items on the list one by one and will give a prize to the guest who pulls the corresponding item out of their purse first. Not only will it be fun competing with one another, but it will be interesting to see what everyone carries in their bags. Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

6. Photobooth Fun

Black and white stripe photo booth background

Provide a pretty backdrop for a group photo, which will make everyone feel included on the occasion. You can go with a simple backdrop or something a bit more fun! You can continue to "brand" the wedding by incorporating designs from the invitations, wedding décor to come, or a motif that's reminiscent of the venue, or go with something completely different to create a brand new theme just for the shower itself! Photo by EDLT Photo

Photo booth props on sticks

Make the event memorable by providing guests with themed props to use while taking photos at a photo booth. A variety of props will encourage guests to trade and interact with one another while posing for the camera. A fun prop idea is to print out pictures of the bride for friends and family to pose with – or you could even have unique costumes like antique wedding dresses or 80s-style bridesmaid dresses for friends and family to try on. Photo by Walters & Walters

7. “Don’t Say Bride” Drinking Game

Women sipping champagne at bridal shower

This one's a little bit similar to the "ring toss" game, but it can be played without needing Ring Pops or plastic wedding rings for guests. Instead, make it a rule that attendees should take a sip of their beverage every time they say “bride.” This game will keep guests attentive and engaged throughout the event. Provide alcoholic beverages such Champagne or signature cocktails for guests who would like to drink, and offer some non-alcoholic options as well for those who do not want to drink. Cheers! Photo by Jasmine Star Photography

8. The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game at a bridal shower

Have a friend gather a list of relationship-centered questions, such as “What is your fiancé’s guilty pleasure?” and “Who takes longer to get ready?” Ask the host to interview and note your fiancé’s responses before the event. At the wedding shower, the bride-to-be will be interviewed in the hot seat and guests will compare the couple’s answers. Ask guests to take their stab at the questions for some added fun!

Another extra is to have paddles with photos of the bride and groom, so instead of saying names, the bride can simply raise one of the paddles with either her face or her future husband's face. If it's a tie, there may even be a third paddle with a photo of the couple instead! Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios

Discover more bridal shower games and ideas by viewing these wedding showers celebrated by real brides, and learn what you need to know about bridal shower etiquette. If you're having an outdoor wedding or bridal shower, we also love the idea to incorporate lawn games so the wedding event feels like a sophisticated garden party!