8 Questions to Ask the Floral Designer for Your Wedding

Find out what to learn about your wedding flowers before the big day.

As you consider one or multiple florists, keep these questions in mind to help you settle your decision.

Photo: John Solano Photography

After you’ve selected your venue and chosen your theme, you now have a better idea of which flowers you wish to showcase on the big day. Although pricing and reputation are the most significant attributes for brides when researching florists, there are many other factors that must be considered before you sign any contracts or make a payment.

Every florist differs in specialty, experience, and training. Just like your other vendors, each florist you come across will have their own unique style. Therefore, you must ensure that he or she will fully execute your desired design. As you consider one or multiple florists, keep these questions in mind to help you settle your decision.

1. Are my flowers in season the month of the wedding? Florists are the best people to answer this question since some websites are misleading. You’ll want to make sure that your desired flower is available, if it will have to be flown in, and you’ll also need to consider the weather of your wedding locale to make sure the blooms will withstand the temperature.

2. May I see images of previous designs? In case you cannot find the florist’s website or social media profiles, let them know you would like to see images to familiarize yourself with their expertise. We also encourage that you see an actual mockup of at least your centerpieces prior to the event. You’ll want to make sure that your ideas of “cranberry mixed florals with some greenery” are indeed the same.

3. Do you have experience with all kinds of arrangements? Some florists will only do your centerpieces and bouquets, whereas others can create the entire arbor for you. Express your expectations.

4. Have you done events at the venue? Space is a huge factor for not only the florist but the limitations of your arrangements as well. If they are unfamiliar with the venue, describe it in as much detail as possible. It’s also helpful to learn the requirements or restrictions of your venue, so ask the florist if they will seek out that information or if you’re required to provide it.

5. How much will I pay for your entire service? Some florists charge a delivery fee, for setup and clean up, or if he/she is needed to stay throughout the event. If finances are a big concern for you, ask the florist for a list of fees before signing any contracts.

6. Do you offer packages? There are many florists whose business is dedicated solely to custom arrangements, but others offer packages that are convenient for couples on a budget. You will have a better sense of this after discussing your spending limit.

7. Will you be the only designer? Depending on the size of your arrangements, the florist may need to bring other designers with him or her. Communicate any possible concerns you may have and ask if you may meet the other florists who may accompany him or her if that's important to you.

8. Do you have any recommendations? Although you definitely want flowers at your wedding, you might feel clueless on what you yourself want. Consult with the florist on your vision, color scheme, and preferred blooms, and he or she will be more than willing to help. If you love something that is clearly outside of your budget, ask your florist if they can create a similar look, but at a lower cost.

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