9 of the Best & Most Memorable TV Marriage Proposals

These loving proposals from our favorite TV characters will make you laugh and cry.

Everyone loves a good TV wedding, but oftentimes it’s the proposal that leads to the true magical moment.

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Everyone loves a good TV wedding, but oftentimes it’s the proposal that leads to the true magical moment. After seasons of watching a couple grow together, frequently with bumps in the road, viewers love to see their favorite sweethearts take the next step.

Your favorite show may even inspire a real life proposal, as a couple that watched a television show together might choose to recreate an iconic proposal scene. We’ve decided to take a look back at eight of our favorite TV proposals. 

Friends: Monica and Chandler

One of the most popular shows of all time, Friends featured many proposals during its 10-year run. But nothing ever topped the moment the show’s strongest couple made things official. After Chandler tries to throw Monica off the scent of his upcoming proposal, he acts poorly and pretends he never wants to get married. This naturally upsets Monica and things take a turn for the worst when she runs into an ex. Luckily, Joey runs interference and lets her know what’s going on. Monica fills their apartment with candles and tries to propose to Chandler, but she finds herself too emotional to get the words out. Chandler takes over and manages to pop the question.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Amy

While the precinct takes part in their annual Halloween heist, Jake uses the chaos to plan the perfect proposal for his ultra-competitive girlfriend and colleague, Amy. After confirming that the proposal is not part of the heist, Jake launches into a speech that is both romantic and silly, filled with the couple's inside jokes as well as meaningful emotions. It's both private and elaborate, keeping in tone with the clever, light-hearted sitcom while still making audiences swoon. 

Parks and Recreation: Leslie and Ben

Leslie thought Ben had to take a job that would keep him out of Pawnee for over a year. She goes to the house they were planning to lease together, letting the agent know that she’s going to have to pull out of the deal. But then Ben surprises her by walking in, and before she can process what is happening, he is down on one knee. Mid-proposal, Leslie actually stops Ben, but not because she doesn’t want to marry him. She wants to take a moment to remember how perfect her life is. Despite taking time to reflect, she says “yes” before he even gets the question out. 

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Max

After Max casually said they should get married, Lorelai was frustrated with the so-called proposal, saying, "It has to be planned. It should be magical. There should be music playing and romantic lighting and a subtle buildup to the popping of the question. There should be a thousand yellow daises and candles and a horse." Max made up for it by filling a room full of yellow daisies and reaffirming his commitment to her. The marriage may not have occurred, but the proposal still sticks in the minds of millions of Gilmore Girls fans. 

The Office: Michael and Holly

Jim and Pam may have had the love story and wedding to remember, but the best Office proposal belongs to Michael and Holly. After some of his zanier ideas were rejected, Michael led Holly through the Dunder Mifflin building, highlighting the spots where they shared their first kiss, where he first saw her, and more. They then walk through an aisle of the other employees holding candles, and Michael says it is their “biggest test” as several of the employees ask Holly to marry her, so she can reject them. The couple then walks into her candle-filled office. The sprinklers may go off due to smoke, but that doesn’t deter Michael. True to the couple’s sensibilities, he proposes in Yoda-speak and she responds in kind.

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith and Derek

It can come in handy to have conspirators in your proposal plan. A fellow doctor stops Meredith from getting on an elevator, with no explanation. Naturally, she is puzzled, but all becomes clear when she gets on the next one and sees Derek. Proposing in a way only a doctor could, he covered the walls of the elevator with notes and CT scans that relate to their memories as a couple and her personal accomplishments. Opting not to get down on one knee or even ask the question, Derek simply states that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Meredith, and she echoes the sentiment back to him.  

Chuck: Chuck and Sarah

The original plan of an elaborate balcony proposal in the moonlight goes wrong when CIA agent Sarah is arrested for treason in order to set her up as a double agent for an undercover mission. Two episodes later, she’s able to return and Chuck decides to get down in one knee in a hallway hospital after his sister has given birth.

Friday Night Lights: Matt and Julie

The high school sweethearts took the next step in the series finale of the critically acclaimed show. Julie is arguing with Matt for not telling her he was going to be home for a visit that weekend, saying the surprise was nice but lamenting that they could have made special plans. Little did she know, Matt had a special plan of his own and drops to one knee in front of their favorite diner. He opens a box with his grandmother’s ring, and stammers out a sweet and meaningful proposal.

New Girl: Jess and Nick

After getting back together following their first breakup, it was clear that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) were end game. Nick spends months trying to figure out a great proposal plan, but it's derailed when they have an opportunity to finally adopt a dog, who promptly escapes. Nick heroically finds Mario the dog at a park, and Jess starts to realize his plan. At first he's disappointed, as he wanted the proposal to be perfect. "It is perfect, it's us," Jess says smiling. And so, he gets on one knee and simply asks the question, and Jess gives her overly elaborate answer – both true to character. 

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