How to Host the Perfect Intimate Wedding

A huge party isn't for everyone.

Here’s what to keep in mind if you prefer to think small.

Photo: Christian Oth Studio

Perhaps due to the desire for unique and personalized celebrations, we’ve found that more and more couples are choosing to have smaller weddings. Instead of hosting everyone you or your parents have ever met, these more intimate nuptials allow you and your future spouse to focus on what you really want for the big day. While the definition of “small” can vary, it’s usually considered to be a wedding with fewer than 100 guests, while the truly intimate occasions have fewer than 50. Although it’s becoming more common, it’s still not quite the norm. Therefore, the cookie-cutter plans for organizing your nuptials may not apply. Here’s what to keep in mind if you prefer to think small.

If you’re going to get pushback on the decision to not have a huge party, it will most likely be from one or both sets of parents. Even though it’s your day, they may have dreamed about this too. In some businesses, people are expected to invite their associates to the weddings of their children. If a smaller event means a lot to you, it’s important to stay firm and accept that you may not get the financial contribution you originally expected. 

Just because you’re having an intimate soirée doesn’t mean it can’t still be a fabulous time. With fewer guests, you can focus your budget on upgrades such as gourmet meals and top-shelf alcohol. Naturally, it’s harder to fill the dance floor without a large number of attendees, so consider hiring performers to keep everyone entertained. You’ll also have more options for your venue and can go with a truly unique choice that will wow your nearest and dearest. 

Don’t underestimate the work that will go into preparing for your wedding because you aren’t inviting as many guests. Hiring a professional planner will help everything go more smoothly. Chances are, that’s part of why you wanted to keep the celebration intimate in the first place. 

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