Be Inspired by the Best Wedding Songs by Decade

Check out the dance-floor fillers from the 50s through now!

Be Inspired by the Best Wedding Songs by Decade

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For any dance-loving bride, music is the key to a perfect reception. But sometimes guests forget to bring their dancing shoes and need a great tune to inspire them.

Below are two songs from every decade – starting with the 1950s – that are guaranteed to make your loved ones bust a move!


“Rock Around the Clock" - Bill Haley & His Comets

The song may have been the anthem of teenage rebellion in the 1950s, but nowadays "Rock Around the Clock" feels more like a bouncy tune perfect for showing off your retro dance moves, even if you don't have any. 

“Shout” - Isley Brothers
This is the perfect way to give your reception a boost if your attendees start to show signs of feeling tired. If they’re not on the dance floor from the beginning, they are sure to rush to participate in getting “a little bit louder now”.


“Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)” - The Contours

The energy in this old Motown hit is what Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artists of today wish they could create. It’s one of those songs that is impossible not to move to; so worst-case scenario, you'll be watching your shy guests subtly dance in their seats!

“Twist and Shout” - The Beatles

Anyone who has seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off knows what kind of effect this song has on a crowd. Spoiler alert: it makes everyone dance. 


“You Should Be Dancing” - The Bee Gees 

The not-so-subtle lyrics will let your guests know what they’re meant to do at the reception. If the party seems slow to get started after dinner, have your DJ throw on this track as a hint.

“ABC” - Jackson 5 
Many dance songs from the 1970s are disco, which isn’t always to everyone’s taste. But you will be hard-pressed to find someone who can listen to the Jackson 5 without it putting a smile on their face.


“Billie Jean” - Michael Jackson
Not to double down on Michael, but it’s hard not to when discussing songs that make people dance. The song that made Michael Jackson an icon is sure to get everyone practicing their very own moonwalk.

“Footloose” - Kenny Loggins
If you can resist dancing to a song about dancing that’s also a theme song to a dance movie, then there might be no convincing you.


“Gonna Make You Sweat” - C + C Music Factory
The opening line is “Everybody dance now!” which makes this song a great choice to get the party started. Your guests are sure to comply with the command.

“This Is How We Do It” - Montell Jordan
If people aren’t dancing at your reception, gather your bridal party and have them show everyone how it’s done with this ultimate '90s jam.


“Hey Ya” - Outkast
This song absolutely exploded when it was released in 2003, appealing to just about every demographic there is. While its success may have lead to burnout for a while, it has now been long enough that the song invokes nostalgia, allowing it to return to its place as an epic party song.

“Crazy In Love” - Beyonce
In 2014, Saturday Night Live had a sketch called “The Beygency”. In it, an agency (“beygency”) would find and capture people who were not sufficiently fans of Beyoncé. One character reveals that her capture was due to not dancing to “Crazy in Love” at a wedding. That’s how infectious this song is.


“Uptown Funk” - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
While it may seem premature to pick this song to represent a decade that hasn’t even ended, the number one song of 2015 has already proved itself as a crowd pleaser. Its irresistible beat is sure to make it a wedding staple for years to come.

“We Found Love” - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
It wouldn’t be the 2010s without a song with EDM influences, would it? This collaboration with two of the biggest stars of the decade will always get people moving.

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