Beyoncé Songs for Your Wedding Playlists

Find the perfect tunes to use throughout your celebrations.

While “Single Ladies” may be a popular choice for the bouquet toss, take a look at Beyoncé tracks that go beyond that element of the big day.

Photo: Haley Ringo Photography

Beyoncé has been making music since the late 1990s, but even just focusing on her solo career, there’s a large collection of songs that have gained her millions of fans. Naturally, some of these fans may want to play her music while celebrating their nuptials. Despite some publicized marital troubles, Beyoncé does seem committed to her marriage with Jay-Z, and there are several tunes that reflect this. And of course, there has never been a dance floor that wasn’t livened up when an energetic Beyoncé hit started playing. “Single Ladies” may be a popular choice for the bouquet toss, but your options for Queen Bey tracks go far beyond that. Check out the list below for Beyoncé songs to consider for your big day, as well as your pre-wedding events.  

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Photo by Amy Arrington Photography; Floral Design by Edge Design Group

For the Engagement Party/Bridal Shower:

“Love On Top”

For the Bachelorette Party:

“Drunk in Love”

For the First Dance:


For the Reception:

“Crazy in Love”

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