Brilliant Cheese-Pairing Tips for Bridal Showers

The proper way to serve a classic shower menu item.

Brilliant Cheese-Pairing Tips for Bridal Showers

Photo: Amy and Stuart Photography

Looking for a unique bridal shower idea? Barrie Lynn, otherwise known as the Cheese Impresario, shared an idea with us that we just devoured: an artisanal cheese & wine pairing adventure. The thought of a party centered around two of our favorite indulgences sounds absolutely heavenly. Here's how it works: Prior to the shower, Barrie Lynn speaks with the bride to get a feel for the types of cheeses she prefers. Based on her answers, Barrie Lynn makes four-to-five selections and also offers suggestions as to which wines (or Scotches or Tequilas if preferred) would pair best with her picks. When the big day arrives, Barrie Lynn brings her cheeses, as well as other delectable accompaniments such as homemade breads, nuts, dried fruits, and honey, to the party where she instructs participants in the fine art of wine and cheese pairing. Barrie Lynn travels throughout the country and also hosts pairings during rehearsal dinners, wedding cocktail hours, and receptions. For more information about having Barrie Lynn at your event, email her at or contact her through her website: Also, be sure to check out her educational and entertaining online show, CHEESE RULES.

Barrie Lynn: Cheese Impresario

Thinking about hosting your own cheese and wine pairing bridal shower? Here are a few tips from Barrie Lynn:
* Begin with cheeses that are mild and soft and finish with the more robust, aged selections.
* Limit the tasting to 4 or 5 cheeses. Any more than that just confuses the palette.
* Roasted, unsalted nuts are excellent flavor enhancers, as are dried figs.
* When figuring out portions, estimate an ounce of each cheese per person.
* If you’re confused by what wines to serve, you can never go wrong with bubbly: from Prosecco to vintage French champagne, they all go excellent with cheese!

One of Barrie Lynn's 10-Year Wisconsin Cheddars

A Cheese and Scotch pairing.

Opening photograph by Amy and Stuart Photography