Wedding Details You'll Want on Film

The minutia brides wish to remember forever.

Wedding Details You'll Want on Film

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

We are often asked which images are considered compulsory for a well-rounded wedding album -- and while the list is long, we have some particular favorites that we feel strongly shouldn't be skipped. This week, Inside Weddings will showcase some of the magazine-worthy shots we love to feature... and feel every bride should make certain are captured on her wedding day.

Today, we're spotlighting still-life photos that are taken before the actual event begins -- detail shots that can be captured in creative and memorable ways. In some cases, they may require you to plan ahead, whether it's remembering to bring one of your invitations to the ceremony location, or asking the best man to borrow the groom's band before the "I dos" for a creative ring shot. After all, you spent months obsessing over every detail of your wedding; and in a few short hours, each element is going to come together to complete the vision of your perfect day. So before you step into that beautiful white gown, or slip on your dream designer footwear, make sure your photographer captures the unspoiled purity of the five special items below.

Above, from left: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography; Yitzhak Dalal; Ira Lippke; Crandall Photography

1. The Wedding Dress. The image of a wedding gown in repose captures the anticipation of the event to come as well as communicates the beauty and detail of the fabric and design. (Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography)

Crandall Photography

Braedon Photography

Nancy Cohn Photography

2. The Invitation. Your invitation isn't part of your wedding day necessarily. However, it did present guests with their first glimpse into your tone and theme. Capturing it on film records how it all came together, from start to finish. (Ventana Photography)

Kristin Spencer Photography

Photography by Rebecca

Jenn Barnett Photos

3. The Shoes. To many brides, the shoes they walk down the aisle wearing are just as important as the wedding gown or the ring! Whether this was an excuse to splurge on that pair of designer stilettos you've been swooning over, or you chose a comfortable strappy metalic that will allow you to dance the night away, make sure to include a photo of your fabulous footwear. (Ira Lippke)

Braedon Photography

Hoffmann Photographer

John Solano Photography

4. The Bouquet. A bride's bouquet is a work of art in and of itself. A close-up will highlight the details of the arrangement as well as any embellishments added to the stems, such as ribbons or jewels. (Yitzhak Dalal)

Yitzhak Dalal

Jared Platt

Ira Lippke

5. The Bands. From this day forward, you will wear them for the rest of your life. Take a moment before the ceremony to capture both of your wedding bands together, as well as your engagement ring. Display them on your invitation, hotel stationery, or whatever object symbolizes the life you are about to begin together. (Crandall Photography)

Ira Lippke

John Solano Photography

Corbin Gurkin Photography

Images By Berit