Ceremony Décor Your Photog Musn't Miss

Shot-list must-haves to communicate now.

Ceremony Décor Your Photog Musn't Miss

Photo: Dalal Photography

Continuing our series on our favorite must-have wedding photographs, some of our top shots of the ceremony are taken well before the rings have been exchanged and the couple has had their first kiss as husband and wife. Resourceful photographers capture every element of the ceremony location prior to when guests arrive in order to document the vision of the decorators, designers and florists right after it is brought to life. Chairs perfectly aligned like soldiers, rose petals framing the aisle, newly lit candles, chuppahs adorned with fresh flowers, and ribbons tied tightly on programs are a few of the details which should be captured in these first-look photographs. Long shots of the ceremony space are also important for demonstrating the scope of a venue and its decor (and for us to include in the extra-long Real Wedding features we publish). Take a look at some prime examples of shots that should be taken before the service begins.

Yvette Roman Photo
Yitzhak Dalal Photography
John Solano Photography
Stephen Karlisch
Christofer Jae Photography
Stephen Karlisch
frame.thirty.six Photography
M. Bénédicte Verley Photography
Images by Berit
Simone & Martin

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